Main Nazar Se Pee Raha Hoon

Lyrics by Anwar Mirzapuri

apni aawaaz ki larzish pe toh qaaboo paalo
pyaar ke bol to honton se nikal jate hain
apne tewar to sambhaalo ke koi ye na kahein
dil badalte hain to chehere bhi badal jate hain

Larzish: Quiver
Qaaboo: Authority, Command, Control, Hold, Possession, Power
Tewar: Darkness before the eyes, swimming in the head, giddiness, vertigo fainting;–peculiar appearance or expression of the eyes; eye; lock, aspect, expression, countenance, physiogamy; the brow

mai.n nazar se pii rahaa huu.N ye samaa badal na jaaye
na jhukaao tum nigaahe.n kahii.n raat Dhal na jaaye

Samaa: The heavens, sky, firmament; a canopy; height, altitude, meridian, highest or uppermost part (of anything), culminating point, prime, spring, ambience

mere ashk bhii hai.n is me.n ye sharaab ubal na jaaye
meraa jaam chhuunevaale teraa haath jal na jaaye

Ashk: Tears
Ubalna: To seethe, To go upwards, to rise, ascend, mount (to); to swell, flow over; to boil, boil over, bubble up; to swell with pride or rage, to be puffed up, be inflamed; to abound; to be flushed (with); to overflow, be flooded, be inundated
Jaam: Goblet, Wineglass

merii zindagii ke maalik mere dil pe haath rakhanaa
tere aane kii Khushii me.n meraa dam nikal na jaaye

Dam: Breath, Deception, Edge Of A Sword, Energy, Life, Moment, Strength, Might, Temper, Thrust, Vitality

abhii raat kuchh hai baaqii na uThaa naqaab saaqii
teraa rind girate girate kahii.n phir sambhal na jaaye

Naqaab: Veil
Rind: One Who Likes To Drink, Drunkard, Inebriated Person

mujhe phuu.Nkane se pahale meraa dil nikaal lenaa
ye kisii kii hai amaanat kahii.n saath jal na jaaye

PhuuNkna: Blow, Kindle, Torment, Winnow
Amaanat: Guardianship, Guaranty, Fidelity, Something Given In Trust, Deposit, Security

maiN banaa to luuN nasheman kisii shaaKh-e-gulsitaaN pe
kahiiN saath aashiyaaN ke ye chaman bhii jal na jaaye

Nasheman: Nest
ShaaKh: ranch, Bough, Dilemma, Difficulty, Objection, Offshoot, Province
Gulistaan: Rose Garden, Garden
Aashiyaan: Nest, Home, House

isi khauf se nasheman na bana saka main ‘Anwar’
ke nighaah-e-ahl-e-gulshan kahin phir badal na jaaye

Khauf: Awe, Fear, Jeopardy, Jitters, Threat
Anwar: A reference to the poet, Anwar Mirzapuri
Ahl: People, person, member, or individual (belonging to any particular person, house, place, order or profession), inhabitant; family, kindred; consort; possessor, owner, lord, master; follower, dependent, servant, domestic


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  1. sowmya on

    Thank you very much for the invaluable service of translating the ghazals for us. I am a telugu, but I try to learn and sing them. But Urdu is beautiful at the same time very difficult to understand. I always felt the need for the right word and its meaning (so that I can feel it while singing). Thanks once again for the great blog and keep it up for the sake of all ghazal and urdu lovers!!!

  2. Syler on

    Plz Plz Plz…..
    can u tell me were can i download this number from.
    I have found Gulam Ali’s version, but i am in love with this female version.
    Plz Plz — its a sincere request

  3. Ali on

    I dont know who is the admin. But this is a great gift to all of us. Thanks a lot

  4. Neetu suryavanshi on

    The words are the trúe feelings of pure heart… ishq ka paak sa ehsaas har kisi k lavzon me nhi hota… Aksar ye ishq kuch khas par hi mehrban hota hai

  5. Anonymous on

    @Syler : Listen to Mehdi Hassan version … you will love it.

  6. Rajas on

    Meri zindagi ke maalik mere dil pe hath rakhna
    Tere aane ki khushi me mera machal na jaye

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