Woh Kabhi Mil Jayen To

Poet unknown. Please leave a comment if you know who the poet is.

woh kabhi mil jaye.n to, kya kijiye
raat din soorat ko dekha kijiye

Soorat: Appearance, Conditions, Chances, Likeness Manner

chaadani raaton mein, ek ek phool ko
bekhudi kehti hai, sajda kijiye

Be-khudi: Being besides Oneself, Intoxication, Rapture, Senseless
Sajda: Bow In Prayer, Touching The Forehead To The Ground, To Prostrate Oneself

jo tamanna bar na aye, umr bhar
umr bhar uski tamanna kijiye

Tamanna: Wish, Desire, Inclination, Request, Hope, Longing, Prayer, Supplication, Petition, Yearning
Bar: At, Bear Fruit, Land

ishq ki rangiinion mein, doob kar
chaadani raaton mein roya kijiye

Rangeen: Colored, Elegant, Flowery, Figurative, Lively, Ornamented, Ornate

ham hi uske ishq ke kaabil na the
kyun kisi zaalim ka shikwaa kijiye

Qaabil: Able, Clever, Competent, Deserving, Talented, Worthy
Zaalim: Bully, Cruel, Fell, Grim, Heartless, Kindless, Oppressor, Tyrant, Unjust, Viper, Wanton, Wicked
Shikwaa: Complaint


7 comments so far

  1. […] and also find the meanings of these ghazals. Check it out friends. I am sure you will love it – Woh Kabhi Mil Jayen To Ek Fankaar I also love this one by Alisha Chinoy. It is a gem. It is soft, romantic and so simple yet so […]

  2. ashish on

    • ekfankaar on

      Thanks for the link Ashish. I have added it to the main post as well.

  3. thecommutist on

    this ghazal has been sung by farida khanum as well.

  4. nashiket on

    This poem writer is “PASHA”

  5. Koyel on

    Akhtar Sheerani is the poet.

  6. Kishor Kachhawa on

    yes Koyel is right Akhtar Sheerni is Shayar

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