Rishta Kya Hai Tera Mera

Lyrics by Kamal Sehgal

rishta kya hai tera mera
maiN hooN shab aur tu hai sawera

Rishta: Alliance, Kinship, Lineage, Relation, Relationship, Thread, To Be Engaged
Shab: Night
Sawera: Early Morning, Dawn

tu hai chaand sitoroN jaisa
meri kismat ghoR andhera

Kismat: Category, Fortune, Fate, Head, Lot, Luck, Portion, Share, Joss
GhoR: Awful, terrific, frightful, terrible, horrible, dreadful; violent, vehement

phooloN jaise raaheN teri
kaaToN jaisa mera Dhera

Dhera: Abode, Tent

aata jaata hai ye jeewan
pal-do-pal ka raiN basera

Rain: Night
Baseraa: Night’s lodging; roosting in its nest (a bird); a roost; roosting time; place of staying or halting
Rain Baseraa: Nocturnal abode, roost; a night’s halt or lodging


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  2. Basanta on

    Great site! Thank you for maintaining!

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