Yeh Hum Jo Hijr Mein

Lyrics by Mirza Ghalib

ye ham jo hijr me.n diivaar-o-dar ko dekhte hai.n
kabhii sabaa ko kabhii naamaabar ko dekhte hai.n

Hijr: Separation, Absence From One”s Country
Diivaar: Walls
Dar: About, Abode, By, Door, Entrance, Fear, Gate, In, Into, Terror, To, Within
Sabaa: Breeze, Gentle Cool Breeze, Wind
Naamaabar: Messenger, Letter Carrier

vo aaye ghar me.n hamaare Khudaa kii kudarat hai
kabhii ham un ko kabhii apane ghar ko dekhte hai.n

Kudrat: Ability, Authority, Lifelike, Might, Nature, Not Artificial, Power, Strength, Universe

nazar lage na kahii.n uske dast-o-baazuu ko
ye log kyo.n mere zaKhm-e-jigar ko dekhte hai.n

Dast: Hand, Power
Baazuu: Shoulder, Arm, Fold Of A Door, Flank Of An Army
Dast-o-baazuu: Hands and shoulders
ZaKhm-e-Jigar: Wound Of Love

tere javaahiir-e-tarf-e-kulah ko kyaa dekhe.n
ham auj-e-taalaa-e-laal-o-guhar ko dekhte hai.n

Javaahiir: Jewels, Jeweler
Tarf: Golden Belt
Kulah: Crown
Auj: Climax, Height, Position, Verve, Zenith
Taalaa: Luck
Laal-o-Guhar: Diamonds and Pearls


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