Shola Tha Jal Bhuja Hoon

Lyrics by Ahmed Faraz

shola tha jal bujha huun hawaayein mujhe na do
main kab ka ja chuka huun sadaayein mujhe na do

Shola: Blaze, Light, Ember, Fire
Bhuja: Extinguished
Sadaa: Always, Call, Conversation, Echo, Ever, Sound, Tone, Voice

jo zahar pii chuka huun tumhin ne mujhe diya
ab tum to zindagi ki duaayein mujhe na do

Zahar: Poison, Venom
Duaa: Blessing, Prayer, Wish

aisa kabhi na ho ke palat kar na aa sakuun
har baar duur ja ke sadaayein mujhe na do

Palatna: Alter, Overturn, Retire, Return Reverse, Revolve, Turnover, Wend

kab mujh ko aitaraaf-e-muhabbat na tha ‘faraaz’
kab maine ye kaha tha sazaayein mujhe na do

Aitaraaf: Admission, Agree, Confession
Aitaraaf-e-Mohabbat: Admission of Love
Faraaz: A reference to the poet, Ahmed Faraaz
Sazaa: Correction, Punishment, Requital


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  1. mahesh on

    HI, here is the Engglish translation of the ghazal.
    Hope some on out there can improve it.
    Ssalaam to Fraaaz Saab, Mehdi Bhai!

    Flame I was,burnt n died already,don’t try to revive me,
    I am long gone, don’t call out to me.

    The poison that is killing me, is given by you,
    Now at least you don’t start to pray for my life.

    Let it never so happen that, I am unable to come back to you,
    Don’t call out to me only after I have gone very far.

    When did I not plead guilty to the charge of being in Love?
    When did I say, please don’t punish me for it?

    Flame I was,burnt n died already,don’t try to revive me,
    I am long gone, don’t call out to me.

    Great poetry,equally great singing,,,adaab ustadon!


  2. Rafay Kashmiri on

    @ difficult rendition was done in raag Kirwani,
    Khansaheb has sung many ghazals in the most
    difficult ragas, and the miracle is that he manages
    asahi and arohi in such a talented way and has
    full master on respecting and dominating rikhab and
    Gandhaar, comes out of it like a valiant cavalier !
    this is the raag where both ascending and descending
    order is dominated with extreme pancham, with completely
    settled wadi, samwadi, using asthai and antara in an
    obligatory arrangement of Qafia and radhif,

    Its unbelievable a human voice can do that !!

  3. Sultan Ahmed on

    I am so happy to see the English translation , i was listening the song for long without knowing the meaning , your contribution is highly appreciated.

  4. ashoknb on

    and now when he is no more, his words etched in his unique voice in the recorded medium, pinch even deeper in the hearts of his fans the worldover. shola tha jal bujha hoon hawaein mujhe na do . such personalities don’t come often.

  5. Shen Lone on

    Such a perfect combination of poetical n vocal talents… Amazing.

  6. Shen Lone on

    This blog is really great. Keep up the good work.

  7. abdu razak Calicut - on

    nice to visit such a wonderful blog………….
    Best of luck

  8. […] Another ghazal of Faraz with the trademark melancholic strains sung by Mehdi Hassan Shola Tha Jal Bhujha doon in Kirwani. […]

  9. Yogendra Kumar Singh on

    I Love this ghazal.

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