Duniya Kisi Ke Pyar Mein

Poet unknown. Please leave a comment if you know who the poet is.
Lyrics by Dukhi Prem Nagri

बुलबुल ने गुल से गुल ने बहारों से कह दिया
एक चौदवीं के चाँद ने तारों से कह दिया

bul-bul ne gul se, gul ne bahaaron se keh diya
ek chaudviin ke chaand ne, taaron se keh diya

बुलबुल, Bul-bul: Nightingale
गुल, Gul: Rose, Flower, Ornament, Brand
बहार, Bahaar: Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight, Elegance, Enjoyment, Fine Landscape, Flourishing State, Prime, Spring
चौदवीं-की-चाँद, Chaudviin-ki-chaand: Full Moon

दुनिया किसी के प्यार में जन्नत से कम नहीं
एक दिलरुबा है दिल में जो हूरों से कम नहीं

duniya kisi ke pyaar mein jannat se kam nahin
ek dil-rubaa hai dil mein jo, hooron se kam nahin

जन्नत, Jannat: Eden, Garden, Heaven, Paradise
रुबा, Rubaa: One Who Steals and Runs Away
दिल-रुबा, Dil-rubaa: One who steals the heart
हूर, Hoor: Virgin Of Paradise, Nymph, Beauty

तुम बादशाह-इ-हुस्न हो हुस्न-इ-जहां हो
जान-इ-वफ़ा हो और मोहब्बत की शान हो
जलवे तुम्हारे हुस्न के तारों से कम नहीं

tum baadshah-e-husn ho, husn-e-jahaan ho
jaan-e-wafa ho aur, mohabbat ki shaan ho
jalwe tumhare husn ke, taaron se kam nahin

बादशाह, Baadshah: Emperor, Kaiser, King, Monarch
हुस्न, Husn: Attractiveness, Beauty, Elegance, Loveliness
जहां, Jahaan: The World, Where, Whither
वफ़ा, Wafa: Fulfilling A Promise, Fulfillment, Fidelity, Faithful, Sincerity, Sufficiency
शान, Shaan: Dignity, Elegance, Eminence, Glory, Grandeur
जलवा, Jalwa: Luster, Splendor, Display, Show

भूले से मुस्कुराओ तो मोती बरस पड़ें
पलकें उठाके देखो तो कलियाँ भी हंस पड़ें
खुशबू तुमारे ज़ुल्फ़ की फूलों से कम नहीं

bhoole se muskurao to, moti baras padein
palkein uthake dekho to, kaliyaan bhi hans padein
khushboo tumhari zulf ki, phoolon se kam nahin

भूल, Bhool: Fault, Forgetfulness, Lapse, Mistake, Oblivion, Omission
मोती, Moti: Pearl
बरस, Baras: Rain, Shower
पलकें, Palkein: Eyelids, Eyelashes
कली, Kali: Blossom, Bud, Quick Lime


11 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    Lyrics by Dukhi Prem Nagri

    • ekfankaar on

      Thanks Anonymous. I have made the correction to the post.

  2. Murad Vehaj Afridi on

    I am the only living son of Mr.Dukhi Prem Nagri and thank you for posting this beautiful ghazal written by my father and beautifully sung by Janab Mehdi Hasan Sahib

  3. DrArvind Mishra on


    • Murad Vehaj Afridi on

      Dear Doctor Sahib Hello. I am the son of Dukhi Prem Nagri He was a well known poet, author , script writer and much, much more
      He was a very good father and a very good husband and overall a very good person He wrote songs for many films but this was his masterpiece and he will be remembered for this beautiful song. If you would like to know more about Dukhi Prem Nagri, I will be more than happy to share some of my beautiful moments I spent with my father.
      Thank you
      Murad Afridi

    • Murad Vehaj Afridi on

      the song was written by my father Mr. Dukhi Prem Nagri and I can tell you a lot about Dukhi Sahib if you want

  4. Anonymous on



      The poet is none other than my dear father Dukhi Prem Nagri who left this world in 1991 he was not only a great poet, writer ,author , film critic, story writer and much much more May his soul rest in peace Aameen


      no this is written by Dukhi Prem Nagri

  5. Naresh Bohra on

    मेहदी हसन साहब की सबसे बढ़िया ग़ज़लों में से एक है ये ग़ज़ल


      Dear Naresh ! hello This song was written by my dear father Mr. Dukhi Prem Nagri and was sung by Mehdi Hassan for the film Jaag Utha Insaan. My name is Murad Vehaj Afridi and I am very touched by this song every time I hear it. My father was a well known poet, writer, author of many books, editor of newspapers in India and Pakistan. He made films in India and then in 1956 he migrated to Pakistan under pressure from his family but he always wanted to go back to India. He passed away on Sept 4 1991

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