Chale Aa Rahe Hain

Lyrics by Kanwar Mohinder Singh Bedi Sahar

chale aa rahe hain woh zulfein bikhere
ujale se lipte hue hain andhere

Zulf: Curl, Hair, Locks, Ringlet, Tress
Bikharna: Scatter, Spread, Strew
Lipatna: Embrace, Entangle, Wrap

jhuki si woh unki hayaa-baar ankhein
woh palkon ke saaye ghanere ghanere

Hayaa: Bashfulness, Modesty, Retiring, Shame, Shyness
Baar: Burden, Chance, Court, Delay, Grief, Hap, Imposition, Liability, Load, Obstacle, Occasion
Hayaa-baar: Filled with shyness
Ghanera: Thick

kabhi ho to jaaye mere ghar charaaghan
kabhi aa to jaao andhere andhere

Charaaghan: To Brighten Up

agar ho sake inko apna bana le
ye pur-kaif lamhe na tere na mere

Pur: Complete, Full, Laden
Kaif: Exhilaration, Happiness Intoxication, Joy
Pur-kaif: Filled with Joy
Lamhe: Minutes, Moments


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