Kisi Ki Yaad Mein

Lyrics by Rajinder Krishan

kisi ki yaad mein duniya ko hain bhulaye hue
zamaana guzra hai apna khayaal aaye hue

Guzarna: Elapse, Expire

badi ajeeb khushi hai gham-e-mohabbat bhi
haseen labon pe magar dil pe chhoth khaaye hue

Ajeeb: Admirable, Extraordinary, Odd, Outlandish, Queer, Rare Strange, Surprising, Unaccountable, Unfamiliar

hazaar parde hon pahare hon ya hon deewaarein
rahenge meri nazar mein woh samaaye hue

Pahr: A division of time, three hours, an eighth part of a day
Samaana: To be contained or held (in, -meṅ), to go or get (in or into), to enter (in or into), to fit (in); to take up room fill or occupy space.

kisi ke husn ki bas ek kiran hi kaafi hai
ye log kyon mere aage hain shamma laaye hue

Kaafi: Adequate, Ample, A Lot, Sufficient, Effectual, Enough, Quite A Few
Shamma: Lamp, Candle, Flame


3 comments so far

  1. Kanan on

    FANTASTIC! I love this song, more so because there’s so little music and Rafi sahab’s voice is just amazing.

  2. asmiilife on

    Nice effords for ppl who r passionate about Rafi’s songs..:)

    Great effords 🙂

  3. chandran on

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