Silsilay Tor Gaya

Lyrics by Ahmed Faraz

silsilay tod gaya woh sabhi jaate jaate
varna itne toh marasim the ke, aate jaate

Silsila: Chain, Genealogy, Lineage, Link, Linkage, Pedigree, Queue, Range, Sequence, Series
Marasim: Agreements, Relations, Relationship

shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab se toh kahin behtar tha
apne hisse ki koi shamma, jalate jaate

Shikwa: Complaint, Chiding
Zulmat: Darkness, Obscurity
Shab: Night
Hissa: Lot, Portion, Quantum, Quota, Share, Zone

itna aasaan tha tere hijr mein, marna jaana
phir bhi ek umr lagi jaan se, jaate jaate

Hijr: Separation, Absence From One”s Country

uski woh jaane, usse paa se wafa paas-e-wafa tha ke na tha
tum ‘Faraaz’ apni taraf se toh nibhaate jaate

Paas: Adjacent, At, Consideration, Custody, Regard, Respect, Observance, Supervision, Sustenance, Watching
Paas-e-Wafaa: Fidelity, Regard, Respect For Love
Faraaz: A reference to the poet, Ahmed Faraaz
Nibhaana: Achieve, Maintain


7 comments so far

  1. Achin on

    i liked this way of learning Urdu meaning of the words .. but i would say it would be good if we pick some olg ghazals as i can learn more in one of those than one of the old songs 🙂
    shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab ..what does this whole word would have explained all in a broken way but this has been used together..keep posting

  2. Knonie on

    >> shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab
    – Complaining the darkness of night.
    The entire verse means somewhat like, instead of complaining the darkness of the night, at least you should be more concerned towards lighting a little candle. This way, you can minimize the darkness a bit.

    A correction:

    >> uski woh jaane, usse paa se wafa tha ke na tha

    The correct word is “paas-e-wafa”,
    means, the care/concern for love/relationship.

  3. ekfankaar on


    Thanks for the feedback. I have made the correction.

  4. Knonie on

    Thanks for that correction.

    Here’s another one from that ghazal:

    “Jashan-e-maktal he na barpa hua warna hum bhi
    Pabajolaan he sahi, nachtay gatay jaate”


  5. Shafiq on

    Please explain the meaning of
    Jashan-e-maktal he na barpa hua warna hum bhi
    Pabajolaan he sahi, nachtay gatay jaate”

    • Knonie on

      Meaning of difficult words:
      > Jashan
      – Celebration.
      > maktal
      – A place where someone is hanged, killed, tortured to death, etc.
      > barpa hua
      – To happen.
      > Pabajolaan
      – Tied in chains
      > nachtay gatay
      – Singing and dancing, in good mood to enjoy something.

      Meanings goes something like:
      They have not celebrated the hanging and deaths, otherwise I would have joined them even if I’m imprisoned and in chains.

      That has some political reference, somewhat like the topics Faiz has written on.

      = )

  6. Shafiq on

    Thank you so much for this quick reply

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