Panthi Hoon Main

Lyrics by A Irshad, performed by Sushanta Mallick

pa.nthii huu.N mai.n us path kaa, a.nt nahii.n jisakaa
aas merii hai jisakii dishaa, aadhaar mere man kaa

Panthi: Traveler, Wayfarer
Path: Path, course, way, road, highway
Aas: Desire, Faith, Hope, Longing, Refuge, Shelter
Aadhaar: Support, prop, stay; stand, pedestal, base (of a geom. fig., &c., syn. bhūmi and neʼo); supporter, patron; subsistence, nourishment, food, aliment; meal;–dike, canal; basin round the foot of a tree; comprehension; location

jis path par dekhe kitane, sukh dukh ke mele
phuul chune kabhii khushiyo.n ke, kabhii kaaTo.n se khele
jaane kab tak chalanaa hai, mujhe is jiivan ke saath

sa.ngii saathii mere, a.ndhiyaare ujiyaare
mujhako raah dikhaaye.n, palchhin ke phuljhaare
pathik mere path ke sab taare, aur niilaa aakaash

Sangii: Going with, uniting with, connected with;–associate, companion, comrade; confederate, ally, accomplice
Pal: a particular measure of time, a period of twenty-four seconds; a second, instant, moment
Chhinn: Cut, divided, torn, broken, rent, perforated, destroyed
Phuljahaare: ‘Pouring forth flowers’; a kind of firework in imitation of a fountain, a flower-pot.
Pathik: Traveller, wayfarer, passenger, sojourner; guide, one who knows the way


6 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    too touchy

  2. manoj on

    too touchy

  3. manoj on

    a meaningful song with lot of poignance

  4. kshitij on

    love this song

  5. Nishant on

    I really love this song!!!
    Beautifully sung by Kishore da…

  6. deedee2020 on

    Is A. Irshad and Irshad Jallili the same person?

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