Kabhi Aansoo Kabhi Khushi

Lyrics by Abu Talib

kabhi aansoo kabhi khushi bechi
hum gariboN ne bekasi bechi

Bechna: Sell, Negotiate, Vend
Be-kas: Adrift, Friendless, Helpless, Lonely, Sufferer

chaNd saanse khareedne ke liye
roz thoDi si zindagi bechi

Chand: A Few, How Many, How Much, How Often, How Long Several
Kharred: Buying, Purchase
Roz: A Day

jab rulaane lage muJhe saayee
maiNe ukta ke roshni bechi

Ukta jaana: Get bored

ek hum the ke bik gaye khud hi
warna duniya ne dosti bechi

Bikna: (To Be)Sold
Warna: And If Not, Else, Otherwise


1 comment so far

  1. Shankar on

    Great ghazal….Can I know who has written this?

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