Zara Si Der Mein

Poet unknown. Please leave a comment if you know who the poet is.

Zara si der mein barson ka dostana lagay
woh ajnabi hai taaluq magar purana lagay

Dostaana: Friendship, kindness, affection
Ajnabi: Alien, Foreigner, Stranger, Unaccustomed, Unfamiliar
Taaluq: Attachment, Connection, Concern, Consideration, Link, Nexus, Relation

main us maqam pe us say judaa huwa hoon jahan
ab us ko dhoondna chaahoon to ek zamana lagay

Maqaam: Basis, Dwelling, Location, Locus, Occasion, Opposite, Place, Position, Rank, Station
Zamaana: Age, Era, Epoch, Time, Period

khayal -o- khwab ki duniya ka ek hamraahi
mujhay kabhi to haqeeqat kabhi fasana lagay

Khayaal: Care, Imagination, Judgement, Opinion, Respect, Remember, Thought, Whim
Khwaab: Sleep, Dream
Haqeeqat: Truth, Reality, Narration, Condition
Fasaana: Fable, Fictional Tale, Romance, Tale

humein bhi bolna aata hai bol saktay hain
hamaray chaahnay waalon ko gar bura na lagay

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