Din Guzar Gaya

Lyrics by Fana Nizami Kanpuri

din guzar gayaa aitabaar mein
raat kaT gayii intazaar mein

Aitabaar: To Trust, Believe

vo mazaa kahaaN vasl-e-yaar mein
lutf jo milaa intazaar mein

Vasl: Meeting, Union
Lutf: Benignity, Enjoyment, Favor, Grace, Joy, Kindness, Pleasure, Taste, Wit

unakii ik nazar kaam kar gaii
hosh ab kahaaN hoshiyaar mein

Hoshiyaar: Alert, Awake, Know What”s What, Learned, On The Watch, Tactful, Wakeful, Wide Awake, Witty

mere kabz mein kaay naat hai
main huuN aap ke iKhtiyaar mein

Kabz: Astingency, Capture, Constipation, Costiveness, Contraction, Confiscation, Possession, Seizure, Rece
Kaay naat: Universe
Ikhtiyaar: Authority, Choice, Control, Influence, Option, Power, Right, To Accept

aaNkh to uThii phuul kii taraf
dil ulajh gayaa husn-e-Khaar mein

Ulajh: Enmesh, Entangle, Fight, Tangle
Khaar: Barb, Thistle, Thorn

tujhse kyaa kahen, kitane Gam sahe
ham ne bevafaa tere pyaar mein

Bewafaa: Faithless, Ungrateful, Treacherous, Unfaithful

fikr-e-aashiyaaN har Khizaam kii
aashiyaaN jalaa har bahaar mein

Fikr: Advice, Anxiety, Care, Concern, Consideration, Counsel, Idea, Imagination, Notion, Opinion, Reflectin
Aashiyaan: Nest, House
Khizaam (Khizaan?): Autumn, Decay
Bahaar: Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight, Elegance, Enjoyment, Fine Landscape, Flourishing State, Prime, Spring

kis tarah ye Gam bhuul jaaye ham
vo judaa huaa is bahaar men

Judaa: Abstract, Apart, Asunder, Peculiar, Separate

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  1. Natalia on

    What a treasure I have found in this blog today! You are doing marvellous job! I’m studying Urdu and loving film songs.

  2. nitin on

    This is an awesome work.
    I was planning to start a whole new search to grasp each and every gazal I loved.
    You made it just easy..

  3. vikash on

    mere kabz mein kaay naat hai, word ” kabz” is wrong, it is ” kabz-e” which means “in control”

  4. vikash on

    Whenever i am at work, this is the best place where I find all my favourite tunes. so the work and listening goes side by side. brilliant.

  5. mandar on

    fantastic..!! truly amazing work..!! thanks..!!!

  6. dilip kumar janjal on

    बहुत ही शानदार ………….

  7. Kamal Malhotra on

    what a wonderful gazal and sung so meticulously

  8. Anonymous on

    Can someone please tell me the near meaning of this gazal in English.
    Pls send me an email at bankncard@hotmail.com.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Mushtaq on

    Cabn some one please send me a near English translation of this song, ‘din guzar gayaa aitabaar mein..’
    Would greatly appreciate that.
    At bankncard@hotmail.com

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