Meri Zindagi Kisi Aur Ki

Lyrics by Muzaffar Warsi

meRi zindagi kisi aur ki, mere naaM ka koi auR hai
mera aks hai sar-e-aaiina, pas-e-aaiina koi auR hai

Aks: Counterpart, Image, Photograph, Reflection, Reverse
Aaiina: Looking Glass, Mirror
Sar-e-Aaiina: In front of the mirror
Pas: After, Assuredly, Behind, Then, Therefore
Pas-e-Aaiina: Behind the mirror

meri dhaDkanoN meiN hai chaap-si, ye judaaee bhi hai milaap-si
muJhe kya pata, mere dil bata, mere saath kya koi auR hai

Chaap: Footstep
Judaii: Separation, Absence
Milaap: Agreement, Join, Junction, Juncture, Reconcile

na gaYe diNo ko kHabar meri, na shareek-e-haal nazar teri
tere desh meiN, mere bhes mein, koi auR tha, koi auR hai

Khabar: Account, Awareness, Information, Knowledge, News, Notice, Report, Rumor, Watchfulness
Shareek: Associate, Joined, Included, Partner
Haal: Affair, Circumstance, Condition, Life, Narrative, Rapture, State, Spiritual Ecstasy, This
Bhes: Likeness

wo meRi taraF niGraan rahe, mera dhyaan jaaNe kahaN rahe
meri aanKh meiN kai soorateN, mujhe chaahta koi auR hai

Nigraan: Keeper, Look After, Take Care Of, Watchful
Soorat: Appearance, Conditions, Chances, Likeness Manner


14 comments so far

  1. Manu on

    I am also an ardent listener of ghazals, but I could not get what the author wants to convey in this ghazal. I understand it partly. Can you help me with it.


  2. Ajmer on

    its about god, that I am somebody else but i think myself by my name by my possessions and by my relationships.

    • Harshdeep Singh on

      Thank you!

  3. ekfankaar on

    The ghazal is by Muzaffar Warsi. Interpretations are often subjective when it comes to poetry.
    That said, this ghazal seems to be about a person who has changed so much that he is unable to recognize himself and his actions/behaviour.

  4. angle on

    sir.this is angle sir yur gazals are fantastic

  5. Tamanna Sharma on

    Sir,Its one of my very favourite ghazal. .especially the last paragraph. .

    Na gaye dino ko khabar meri,
    na shareeq-e-haal nazar teri..
    Tere des mein,mere bhes mein,
    koi aur tha,koi aur hai. .

  6. koi aur tha koi aur hai on

    Jagjit Singh sang this after the death of his only son in accident….you can now imagine the meaning behind it…my life is someone else’s ….there is someone for my name…I may be the one seen infront of the mirror, but the real me is behind it which is some one different (and no one other than me can see it…)…meaning is subjective and can be different for different people and in different circumstances….just enjoy it, you may find different meaning everytime you listen to it and each one will be right!!!!!!

  7. senty on

    This ghazal sounds and feels similar to Saleem Kausar’s

    Main khayal hoon kisi aur ka, mujhe sochta koi aur hai
    Sar e aaina mera aks hai pas e aaina koi aur hai

  8. Nishant on

    Yes both of them sound same but whatever is it,
    both are beautifully sung by jagjeet ji and mendi hasan ji…

  9. Ajit Agnihotri on

    In tribute to the legendary Jagjit Singh (who popularized this Gazal and) who passed away yesterday, let me try to translate it to my understanding, which is a task fraught with risk. Before I start, there are a couple of points (i) In ‘upnishad’ (annexure or add-ons to scriptures but in importance / interpretation, independent of scriptures), we follow teacher-disciple dialogue format and in there, teachers says to disciple ‘as per what I heard from my teacher’…. teacher never says ‘as per what my teacher said’ in candid confession of the fact that ‘his hearing might be different from what his teacher said or meant – transmission loss’. I would also like to make the same disclaimer. This is what I understand and not necessarily what poet said and meant (ii) It is awe-inspiring to note how close real poets (or for that matter all real artists) reach to ‘truth’ when in their ‘zone’, no less than the great ‘rishis’ of ancient times. Some of the ‘shayri’ looks like a part of ‘Geeta’. Example – ‘Itne nadan hai tujhe bhoolne vale ke tujhe, yaad karne ke liye umra pari ho jaise’ by Ahmed Faraz sahib. There are many more such examples including this one. So let me try but it is a lot of ‘monism’ or ‘adwait’ preached /explained by the school of Shankaracharya (8th century) or Bhagwan Ramanna Maharishi of (20th century). It is about the confusion about real ‘I’ in I, a confusion if ‘I’ really know myself and / or ‘I’ as I understand it is the real ‘I’. This is wave or the ocean thing. Whether the wave is wave or is it ocean. Deeper I know myself, number of ‘others’ reduce. And when I know myself fully, there are no others……

    1. The real guy who is living my life is somebody else. It is not the one who is known (and responds to when called) by my name. What appears outwardly, i.e., the image in the mirror or in the eyes of others (‘eye’ is no different than mirror) is different from the reality within ‘me’ which has no outward appearance.

    2. I am alone but am I (ever) alone? There is this vibe of somebody (god – subconscious – or whatever, i.e., the part of me which is always a ‘witness’ or ‘sakshi’, seems to be watching me) always being with me. I don’t know, may be my heart knows.

    3. [I am unable to decipher this one, 2nd line is easy but the first line I am not getting where the poet is coming from and hence, I am not trying].

    4. ‘He’ (God) is always watching me, attending me with great care and concern but I am so totally oblivious to ‘Him’ lost in the trivial pursuits. There are always so many objects (persons, things) of desire in my mind but the fact is that my ‘real lover, One who is really bothered about me’ is somebody else, the one and only great Lord Almighty.


  10. Tushar Patil on

    may his soul rest in peace

  11. Anonymous on


  12. pratheeksh sp on

    Wht a amazin ghazal..
    Wht a voice..its great ….

  13. L Ranchord on

    Need proper line by line meaning of this song
    Not just dictionary word meanings
    Can you do this please?

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