Yeh Kya Jagah Hai Doston

Lyrics by Shahryar

ye kya jagah hai dosto ye kaun sa dayaar hai
had-e-nigaah tak jahaan gubaar hi gubaar hai

Dayaar: Place, Residence
Had: At Most, Barrier, Boundary, Edge, Landmark, Limit, Quantity
Had-e-Nigaah: As Far As The Eye Can See
Gubaar: Dirt, Dust

ye kis maqaam par hayaat mujhko leke aagayi
na bas khushi pe hai jahaan na gham pe ikhtiyar hai

Maqaam: Abnormal, Basis, Dwelling, Location, Locus, Occasion, Opposite, Place, Position, Rank, Station
Hayaat: Biography, Existence, Life, World
Ikhtiyaar: Authority, Choice, Control, Influence, Option, Power, Right, To Accept

tamaam umr ka hisaab maangti hai zindagi
ye mera dil kahe to kya ke khud se sharmsaar hai

Tamaam: All, Complete, End, Entire, Finish, Perfect, Total, Whole
Hisaab: Reckoning, Account, Computation, Rate, Sense
Sharm-saar: Abashed, Ashamed

na jiski shakl hai koi na jiska naam hai koi
ek aisi shae ka kyun hamein azal se intezaar hai

Shakl: Aspect, Appearance, Diagram, Form, Image, Likeness, Model, Way
Shae: Object, Thing
Azal: Eternity, Without Beginning, Supreme
Intezaar: Await, Expectation, Lurch, Waiting (Anxiously)

bula raha hai kaun mujhko chilmanon ke us taraf
mere liye bhi kya koi udaas beqaraar hai

Chilman: Curtain
Be-qaraar: Uneasy, Restless, Unsettled

4 comments so far

  1. Nidhi on

    thanks a lot! I was looking for the meaning of this ghazal. thanks.

  2. Shashwat on

    thank you so much for the meaning of this ghazal.

  3. A Sircar on

    This is an absolutely original way to learn any language. Hats off to whoever first came up with the idea. And, of course, many thanks to all those who have put up this website. Let us give a standing ovation to all those who are making efforts to revive Urdu – one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

  4. Mansour on

    HayaaT (حیاط) : courtyard

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