Duniya Jise Kehte Hain

Jagjit and Chitra Singh version:

Manjari version:

Lyrics by Nida Fazli

duniyaa jise kahate hain jaaduu kaa khilonaa hai
mil jaaye to miTTii hai kho jaaye to sonaa hai

Jaaduu: Charm, Conjuring, Effect Of Evil Spirits, Enchantment, Magic, Witchcraft
Khilonaa: Knickknack, Toy
Mittii: Earthen, soil, mud, sand

achchhaa saa koii mausam tanahaa saa koii aalam
har vaqt kaa ronaa to bekaar kaa ronaa hai

Mausam: Season, Time, Weather
Tanhaa: Alone, Solitary, Lonely, By Oneself, Quiet, Single, Unaccompanied, Unattended
Aalam: Beauty, Condition, Nature, Public, Period, Regions, Situation, State, Sorrow, Universe, World
Vaqt: Hour, Occasion, Opportunity, Time, Term, Season
Bekaar: Friendless, Futile, Good-For-Nothing, Idle, Ineffective, Invalid, In Vain, Junky, Kaput, Meaningless

barsaat kaa baadal to diivaanaa hai kyaa jaane
kis raah se bachanaa hai kis chhat ko bhigonaa hai

Barsaat: Rain, Rainy Season
Baadal: Cloud
Diwaanaa: Madman
Raah: Custom, Fashion, Journey, Means of Access, Method, Passage, Path, Progress, Road, Track, Way
Chhath: Roof
Bhigonaa: Be-Drenched, Soaking Wet

gham ho ki khushii donon kuchh der ke saathii hain
phir rastaa hii ras-taa hai haNsanaa hai na ronaa ha

Gham: Concern, Care, Grief, Sorrow, Woe
Rastaa: Path, Road, Manner, Walk, Way
Ras: Juice, Quintessence, Sap, juice; syrup; a liquid, fluid; water; liquor; gravy, soup, broth; (met.) the best or prime part (of anything), essence, marrow, pith;
Rastaa hi ras-ta hai: Just the journey/path, is the essense/joy

6 comments so far

  1. Shamim on

    This is really mind blowing song i have ever heard…

  2. Habib Tamboli on

    A very meaningful Gaazal…

  3. Habib Tamboli on

    Meaningful Gazal by Jagjitsingji

  4. Anonymous on

    really meaning full thnx to nida and same also to my dear jaggi

  5. ashish jain on

    really meaning full thnx to nida and same also to my dear jaggi: ashish jain

  6. Anonymous on

    its Nida Fazli

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