Yoon Rootho Na Haseena

Lyrics by Rajinder Krishan

yoon rootho na hasina meri jaan pe ban jayegi
meri jaan pe nan jayegi,
haaye yu rootho na…

Yoon: Thus
Roothna: To be irritated, be vexed, be offended or displeased, to take offence or umbrage; to quarrel, to have a misunderstanding (with a friend), to become estranged, to be cool
Hasina: Belle, Queen

karte na jo bahana nazdeek kaise aate
ye faasla ye doori hum kiss tarah mitate
hathon mein tum na lete jab haath hi hamara
is beqaraar dil ko milta kahan saahara
haaye yoon rutho na….

Bahaana: Alibi, Cause, Evasion, Excuse, Mask, Reason, Pretence, Pretext, Subterfuge
Nazdeek: Near, Juxtaposition
Faaslaa: Break Distance, Space, Separation
Mitaana: Erase, Eradicate, Exterminate, Obliterate, Quell
Beqaraar: Uneasy, Restless, Unsettled
Sahaara: Aid, Assistance, Lean, Lift, Reliance

ye baal bikhre bikhre, gaalon pe yu na hote
ye naag kaale kaale, phoolon mein yu na sote
ye raat ka andhera din se gale na milta
ulfat ka shokh gunchaa, aise na dil mein khilta
haaye yoon rootho na…

Bikhraa hua: Scattered, Strewn
Gaal: Jowl
Galey milna: To Embrace
Ulfat: Affection, Love
Shokh: Attractive, Bold, Bright, Coquettish One, Daring, Insolent, Kittenish, Lascivious, Malapert, Mischief
Gunchaa: Flower Bud

aao qareeb aao, palkon pe baith jao
aankhon mein jhoom jaao, dil mein mere samaao
ab muskura ke kehdo, hum to khafaa nahin hain
ik dil hai ek jaan hai, hum tum juda nahin hai
haaye yoon rootho na hasina meri jaan pe ban jayegi
meri jaan pe ban jayegi, meri jaan pe ban jaayegi
haaye yoon rootho na

Qareeb: Adjacent, Akin, Approaching, Almost, Approximately, Near
Palkon: Eyelashes, Moments, Instants
Samaana: be contained or held in, to go or get (in or into), to enter (in or into), to fit (in); to take up room fill or occupy space
Khafaa: Angry, Annoyed, Concealment, Displeased, Secrecy
Judaa: Angry, Annoyed, Concealment, Displeased, Secrecy


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