Jab Kabhi Tera Naam Lete Hain

Lyrics Sardar Anjum

jab kabhii teraa naam lete hain
dil se ham inteqaam lete hain

Inteqaam: Avenge, Revenge, Reprisal

merii barbaadiyon ke afasaane
mere yaaron kaa naam lete hain

Barbaadi: Loss, ruin, destruction, waste, laying waste, ravage
Afsaana: Fiction, Legend, Romance, Tale, Story

bas yahii ek jurm hai apanaa
ham muhabbat se kaam lete hain

Jurm: Crime, Guilt, Offence
Kaam: Business, Desire, Design, Embroidery, Employment, Engagement, Errand, Intention, Job, Labour, Object

har qadam par gire magar siikhaa
kaise giraton ko thaam lete hain

Qadam: Footstep, Measure, Pace, Step
Giraton: Falls
Thaam: Take

ham bhaTak kar junuuN kii raahon men
aql se intaqaam lete hain

Bhatakna: To go astray, to stray, wander, miss the right path, lose the path or way; to err, to deviate or depart from a right course; to be restless or disquieted, to long or pine
Junoon: Craze, Ecstasy, Frenzy, Insanity, Lunacy, Mania, Madness, Passion, Zealotry
Aql: Brain, Gumption, Intellect, Knowledge, Mind, Reason, Sense, Wisdom, Understanding


3 comments so far

  1. Dr. Sardar Anjum Fuddu on

    A person who has ripped off many people and still try to show off his good things which in real are very few..A typical money minded person who gets things worked out from others for free and doesn’t even wants to pay for it! A person who thinks he is the god, actually needs to know that he is just so dumb! That’s Dr. Sardar Anjum. Did’nt knew that Padamsree awards were paid too, anyway he does not deserve it!! All fake show off and nothing real!

    • ballu je on

      u r fool man . dr. anzum is king of poetry. u dont have basic knowladge of poet .ok dear mind your language.

  2. kulwant singh kullar on

    jis ne bhi dr.aanjum ke bhare mein yeh likha hai mujhe lagta hai ki us,itne bhi samaj nahi unki shayire ko samaj sake aur jaroor is mein unki apni koi nakaami aur nafart chupi hui hai.agar aap kisi ko acha nahi keh sakte to bura bhi mat kaho.kuch bhi kehne se pehle unki shayree ko samaj le.

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