Baaziicha-e-Atfaal Hai

Lyrics by Mirza Ghalib

baaziichaa-e-atfaal hai duniyaa mere aage
hotaa hai shab-o-roz tamaashaa mere aage

Baziichaah: Toy, Fun, Sport
Atfaal: Children, Offspring, Plural Of Tifl
Shab: Night
Roz: A Day
Shab-o-Roz: Night And Day
Tamaashaa: Amusement, Entertainment, Exhibition, Fun, Play, Pleasure, Show, Sigh, Sport, Spectacle Something Strange or Funny

hotaa hai nihaaN gard men seharaa mere hote
ghistaa hai jabiin Khaak pe dariyaa mere aage

Nihaan: Hidden, Buried, Secret, Latent
Gard: Trifle, Dust
Seharaa: Desert, Wilderness
Ghisa: Worn Out
Jabiin: Brow, Forehead
Khaakh: Ashes, Dust, Dirt, Earth, Land
Dariyaa: River

mat puuchh ke kyaa haal hai meraa tere piichhe
tuu dekh ke kyaa rang hai teraa mere aage

Haal: Affair, Circumstance, Condition, Life, Narrative, Rapture, State, Spiritual Ecstasy, This
Rang: Appearance, Aspect, Character, Color, Dancing and Singing, Dye, Enjoyment, Fashion, Merriment, Nature, Paint, Pigment, Style

imaaN mujhe roke hai jo khiinche hai mujhe kufr
kaabaa mere piichhe hai kaliisaa mere aage

Iimaan: Belief, Creed, Conscience, Faith, Leader
Khiinchna: Absorb, Brew, Extract, To pull, Attract
Kufr: Covering Up, Paganism, Infidelity, Profanity, Impiety
Kaabaa: House Of Allah In Mecca
Kaliisaa: A Christian church; a synagogue

go haath ko jumbish nahiin aaNkhon men to dam hai
rahane do abhii saaGar-o-miinaa mere aage

Go: Although, Though
Jumbish: Movement, Vibration
Dam: Breath, Deception, Edge Of A Sword, Energy, Life, Moment, Strength, Might, Temper, Thrust, Vitality, Zap
Saagar: Wine Goblet, Ocean, Wine-Glass, Wine-Cup
Miinaa: Wine Decanter, Container


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