Dil Ki Aawaaz Bhi Sun

Lyrics by Shevan Rizvi

dil kii aavaaz bhii sun mere fasaane pe na jaa
merii nazaro.n kii taraf dekh zamaane pe na jaa

Fasaana: Fable, Fictional Tale, Romance, Story, Tale
Zamaana: Age, Era, Epoch, Time, Period, People, World

ik nazar dekh le jiine kii ijaazat de de
ruuThne vaale vo pahlii sii muhabbat de de
(ishq maasuum hai – 2), ilazaam lagaane pe na jaa

Ijaazat: Permission, Leave Sanction
Ruuthna: To get angry/upset
Masoom: Innocent
Ilzaam: Allegation, Accusation Accuse, Blame, Libel

vaqt inasaan pe aisaa bhii kabhii aataa hai
raah me.n chho.Dke saayaa bhii chalaa jaataa hai
(din bhii niklegaa kabhii – 2), raat ke aane pe na jaa

Vaqt: Hour, Occasion, Opportunity, Time, Term, Season
Saayaa: Shadow, Shade, Shelter, Apparition

(mai.n haqiiqat huu.N) (2) ye ik roz dikhaauu.Ngaa tujhe
begunaahii pe muhabbat kii rulaauu.Ngaa tujhe
(daag dil ke nahii.n) (2) miTte hai.n miTaane pe na jaa

Haqiiqat: Truth, Reality, Narration, Condition
Roz: A Day
Gunaah: Crime, Fault, Guilt, Offence, Sin, Transgression
Be-gunaah: Guiltless, Innocent
Rulaana: To cause to cry/weep, to bring to tears
Daag: Blemish, Calamity, Grief, Loss, Scar, Stain, Taint
Mitaana: Erase, Eradicate, Exterminate, Obliterate, Quell


2 comments so far

  1. Kanan on

    Thanks a lot for this one. I had been wanting to listen to it for years.

  2. Anonymous on

    What a beautiful song, does anyone know what movie it is from?

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