Tere Khayaalon Mein Ham

Lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri

tere khayaalo.n me.n ham, tere hii baaho.n me.n ham -2
apane hai.n dono jahaa.n, o jaan-e-bekhud yahaa.N
tere khayaalo.n …

Khayaal: Care, Imagination, Judgment, Opinion, Respect, Remember, Thought, Whim
Baanh: Arm
Jahaan: The World
Bekhud: Enraptured, In Ecstasy, Delirious, Senseless

yuu.N roshanii bhor kii, palako.n me.n tere chhupii
jab aa.Nkh kholegaa tuu, putalii me.n ho.nge hamii.n
ham hai.n kalaa kii zabaan, aa.Nkho.n me.n tere ravaan
tere khayaalo.n me.n ham, tere hii baaho.n me.n ham

Roshni: Luminescence, Light, Eyesight
Bhor: Break of day, dawn, daylight, early morning
Palak: Eyelash, A Moment, An Instant
Putlii: Pupil of the eye, Image
Kalaa: Art
Zabaan: Dialect, Flame (Of A Candle), Language, Tongue, Speech
Ravaan: Move, Flow, Soul, Life

madh-bhari cha.nchal ye shaam, detii hai tujhako payaam
patthar se kar shaayarii, tujhako hamaaraa salaam
tuu hai jahaa.N ham vahaa.N, jhuume zamii.n aasmaa.n
tere khayaalo.n me.n ham, tere hii baaho.n me.n ham

Madh: Honey; the juice or nectar of flowers
Chanchal: Changing, Flirt, Fitful, Gay,Restless, Vivacious, Wanton
Payaam: Message
Patthar: Stone, Rock
Salaam: Salutation, Peace, Safety, Compliment
Jhoomna: Spin, Dance, Twirl, Twist
Zamiin: Country, Earth, Estate,Floor, Ground, Land, Region, Soil
Aasmaan: Heaven, Sky

2 comments so far

  1. W. Warsi on

    What a wonderful song………full of lilting music and fine emotions.

    If you listen carefully, the start of the song has a faint overlap of another song. I could not help but notice.

    Full points to Ek Fankaar for the selection.

  2. bhaskar on

    Wonderful composition and lyrics. Hats off to Hasrat Jaipuri and Ramlal. Of course to Asha Bhosle also.

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