Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo

Lyrics by Faiyaz Hashmi

आज जाने की ज़िद न करो
यूं ही पहलू में बैठे रहो
हाय मर जायेंगे हम तो लुट जायेंगे
ऐसी बातें किया न करो

aaj jaane kii zid na karo
yuu.N hii pahaluu me.n baiThe raho
haaye mar jaaye.nge ham to luT jaaye.nge
aisii baate.n kiyaa na karo

ज़िद, Zid: Contrary, Enmity, Grudge, Obstinacy, Opposite, Opposition, Persistence, Stubborn
पहलू, Pahaluu: Side, Advantage, Flank Of An Army, Lap
लूटना, Lootna: Extort, Riot, Rob, Wring

तुम ही सोचो ज़रा क्यूँ न रोके तुम्हें
जान जाती है जब उठके जाते हो तुम
तुम को अपनी क़सम जान-ऐ-जान
बात इतनी मेरी मान लो

tum hii socho zaraa kyuu.N na roke tumhe.n
jaan jaatii hai jab uThke jaate ho tum
tum ko apnii qasam jaan-e-jaa.N
baat itnii merii maan lo

ज़रा, Zara: A Few, A Little, Just, Trifle, Wee, Whit
क़सम, Qasam: An Oath
जान-ऐ-जान, Jaan-e-Jaan: Love of my life

वक़्त की क़ैद में ज़िंदगी है मगर
चन्द घड़ियाँ यही हैं जो आज़ाद हैं
इन को खो कर मेरी जान-ऐ-जान
उम्र भर न तरसते रहो

vaqt kii qaid me.n zindagii hai magar
chand gha.Diyaa.N yahii hai.n jo aazaad hai
in ko kho kar merii jaan-e-jaa.N
umr bhar na taraste raho

वक़्त, Vaqt: Hour, Occasion, Opportunity, Time, Term, Season
क़ैद, Qaid: Imprisonment, Confinement, Obstacle, Control
चन्द, Chand: A Few, How Many, How Much, How Often, How Long Several
आज़ाद, Aazaad: At Large, Free, Independent, Mendicant, Non-Restrictive, Unconquered Unconventional, Uncoupled
तरसना, Tarasna: Thirst, Longing

कितना मासूम-ओ-रंगीन है ये सम्मा
हुस्न और इश्क की आज मैय्राज है
कल की किस को खबर जान-ऐ-जान
रोक लो आज की रात को

kitanaa maasuum-o-rangiin hai ye samaa
husn aur ishq kii aaj meiraaj hai
kal ki kis ko Khabar jaan-e-jaa.N
rok lo aaj kii raat ko

मासूम, Maasuum: Innocent
समा, Samaa: The heavens, sky, firmament; a canopy; height, altitude, meridian, highest or uppermost part (of anything), culminating point, prime, spring
मैय्राज, Meiraaj: A ladder; a series of steps or stairs; anything by which one ascends;–the ladder upon which the souls ascend when they are taken from their bodies; the ladder upon which Moḥammad is related to have ascended from Jerusalem to Heaven;–(hence) ascent, ascension
खबर, Khabar: Account, Awareness, Information, Knowledge, News, Notice, Report, Rumor, Watchfulness


11 comments so far

  1. manvi on

    This is a great great touching song!!!…full of emotions!!!!!!
    i dont think anybody else can sing the same song with this emotion!
    Farida ji is so so perfect!!!!

  2. Sush on

    Lovely Post. I have been humming this since evening 🙂

  3. jayashree on

    i need this song to downloaded

  4. prashaant sharma on

    this song is one of the fantastic song sung by the legend itself .Emotional yet entertainer.

  5. sheikh on

    its excellent ghazal and she sung very beautiful

  6. vinita on

    great lyrics.touches the heart.can listen a million times without boredom setting in.

  7. Vivek on

    Thanks for posting. This ghazal is intoxicating.
    Very diligent work on translation. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks Again!!!

  8. Diwakar meena on

    I am also gazhal singer it is very beautiful gazhal by farida kahannum i like this

  9. raakesh sinha on

    A very very wonderful & tuching – direct to the heart song sung by all-time legend madam farida. I really salute her from the sole of my heart for this song.

  10. G J Ranshoor on

    THis is glorious & mismering composition

    What A Feeling Yaar,

  11. Anonymous on

    Awesome composition.
    aapke shbado m jadoo h …………………..

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