Aah Ko Chaahiye

Lyrics by Mirza Ghalib

aah ko chaahiye ik umr asar hone tak
kaun jiitaa hai terii zulf ke sar hone tak

Aah: Ah!, Groan, Oh!, Sigh
Chaahiye: Like, Must, Need, Ought, Should, Want, Wish, Yearn, Yen
Umr: Age, Life-Time, Span Of Life
Asar: Action, Effect, Governance, Impression , Influence, Mark, Ruin, Sign, Trace
Jiitna: Win
Zulf: Curl, Hair, Locks, Ringlet, Tres
Sar: Beginning, Chief, Desire, Epilepsy, Head, Origin, Pinnacle, Top

aashiqii sabrtalab aur tamannaa betaab
dil kaa kyaa rang karuuN Khuunejigar hone tak

Aashiqii: Courtship, Love, State of Being In Love
Sabr: Bear, Endurance, Patience, Resignation, Submission, Suffering
Talab: Call, Claim, Demand, Desire, Hunger, Inquiry, Need, Needfulness, Pursuit, Quest, Request, Salary
Sabr-talab: Suppressed desires(?)
Tamannaa: Wish, Desire, Inclination, Request, Hope, Longing, Prayer, Supplication, Petition, Yearning
Betaab: Anxious, Restless, Powerless, Impatient
Dil: Heart, Soul, Courage, Generosity, Wish
Rang: Appearance, Aspect, Character, Color, Dancing and Singing, Dye, Enjoyment, Fashion, Merriment
Khuun: Blood, Murder
Jigar: Courage, Liver, Heart, Soul, Mind, Vitals

ham ne maanaa ke taGaaful na karoge lekin
Khaak ho jaayenge ham tumako Khabar hone tak

Maannaa: Accept, Acknowledge, Admit, Afford, Agree, Allow, Assume, Believe, Keep, Obey,Regard
Tagaaful: Apathy, Ignore, Indifference,Neglect, Negligence
Khaak: Ashes, Dust, Dirt, Earth, Land
Khabar: Account, Awareness, Information, Knowledge, News, Notice, Report, Rumor, Watchfulness

Gamehastii kaa ‘Asad’ kis se ho juz marg ilaaj
shamm’a har rang men jaltii hai sahar hone tak

Gham: Concern, Care, Grief, Sorrow, Woe
Hastii: Being, Existence, Life
Gham-e-hastii: Life of Sorrow
Asad: A reference to the poet, Mirza Ghalib, whose full name was Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan. He originally assumed the pen name ‘Asad’ before taking on the more popularly known pen name ‘Ghalib’
Juz: Other Than
Marg: Death
Juz Marg: Besides Death
Ilaaj: Cure, Treatment, Antidote
Shamma: Lamp, Candle
Jalna: Burn
Sahar: Dawn, Morning


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  1. furbypingu on

    Beautiful website, it’s educating . Thanks.

    Furby from Furbypingu.com

  2. deepak on

    This is the great maestro jagjit Singh ji’s greatest ghazal. Mainly because the lyrics, vocals, composition and musical pacing is in total harmony with the writers artistic ideas.

  3. Yogend on

    Meri sabse Pasandiida shayri Hai Yrr___mere Dil ke aar paar Kar jati hai yeh___

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