Husn Walon Ka Ehataraam Karo

Lyrics by Kanwar Mohinder SIngh Bedi Sahar

Husn vaalon ka ehthraam karo (2)
Kuch to duniyaa mein nek kaam karo

Husn: Attractiveness, Beauty, Elegance, Loveliness
Waalah: added to subst. to derive nouns implying possession or relation generally
Husn-waalah: One who is beautiful
Ehthraam: Respect
Kuchh: Any, A Little
Duniyaa: World
Nek: Good, Lucky, Virtuous, Pious
Kaam: Business, Desire, Design, Embroidery, Employment, Engagement, Errand, Intention, Job, Labour, Object

Sheikh aaye hain baab-zoo baa-wazoo hokar (3)
Ab to peene ka inthzaam karo (2)
Kuch to duniyaa mein nek kaam karo

Sheikh: Elder, Important Person, Big Shot

Baab: Affair, Chapter, Company, Division of Book, Door, Gate, Heading, In the Matter of, Kind, Section
Zoo: Possessor, owner, lord, master
Baab-zoo Hokar: After work(?)

Baa: With, by; possessed of (opp. to be, ‘without’)
Wazoo: Sacred ablution performed before prayer, and which consists in washing, first the hands, then the mouth inside, then throwing water on the forehead, washing the whole face, the arms, and lastly the feet)
Baa-Wazoo: After having performed the sacred ablution
Inthzaam: Administer, Arrangement, Liquidate, Management, Method, Order, Organisation

Abhi barsenge har taraf jalve(2)
Tum nighaahom ka ehtamaam karo (2)
Kuch to duniyaa mein nek kaam karo

Barasna: To Cause to Rain, To Shower Down, To Pour Down, To Scatter, To Winnow the Grain
Har: All, Every, Each
Taraf: Direction, Leaning, Towards, Side, Margin, Way
Jalvaa: Luster, Splendor, Display, Show
Nigaah: Attention, Care, Close, Custody, Glance, Look, Regard, Sight
Ehatamaam: Solicitude, care, anxiety, diligence; inspection, supervision, management, superintendence, charge
Ehatamaam karna: To be very attentive or careful (in), to show solicitude (in the matter of), to attend carefully (to), look well (after); to overlook, inspect, supervise, superintend, manage, control, carry on (a business, &c.)

Log darne lage gunaahon se (3)
Baarish-e-rahmat-e-tamaam karo (2)
Kuch to duniyaa mein nek kaam karo
Husn waalon ka….

Log: Caste, Family, Folk, Household, Husband, Man, People
Darna: Alarm, Lurid, Terrify, Threat
Gunaah: Crime, Fault, Guilt, Offence, Sin, Transgression
Baarish: Rain
Rahmat: Benevolence, Kindness
Tamaam: All, Complete, End, Entire, Finish, Perfect, Total, Whole

2 comments so far

  1. Knonie on

    >> Sheikh aaye hain baab-zoo hokar (3)
    >> Ab to peene ka inthzaam karo (2)

    First line is actually:
    “Sheikh aaye hain baa-wuzoo hokar”

    Wuzoo: In Muslim tradition, the act of washing hands, face, feet before worshiping/prayers is called “Wuzoo”, or “ablution”.

    “Ba-wuzoo” – Wuzoo kar ke Aana. To come after performing ablution and ready to pray.

    The term Sheikh is used for a person of high status, and usually in ghazal, it means a person of religious nature. [Opposite of “Rind”, that is usually used for sinners or wine-drinkers]

    So, this couplet means that Shiekh has come ready to worship, so offer him some drink and entertainment.


    • ekfankaar on

      Thanks again for the correction and detailed clarification. I have made the changes.

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