Dil Mein Aur To Kya Rakha Hai

Lyrics by Nasir Kazmi

Dil mein aur to kya rakha hai,
Tera Dard chupa rakha hai

Dil: Heart, Soul, Courage, Generosity, Wish
Aur: Another, More, Other
Rakhna: Keep, Locate, Maintain
Dard: Ache Affliction, Compassion, Languor, Pain, Sympathy
Chupa: Hidden, Concealed

Itne dukhon ki tez hava mein,
Dil ka deep jala rakha hai

Itna: As Much As, This Many, This Much
Dukh: Ache, Agony, Afflict, Ail
Tez: Caustic, Clever, Fiery, Hot, Keen Pungent, Sharp, Spicy, Swift
Hawa: Air, Atmosphere, Breeze, Desire, Greed, Wind
Deep: Lamp, Light
Jalna: Burn

Is nagri ke kuch logon ne,
dukh ka naam davaa rakha hai

Nagri: A small town; a town; a village
Kuch: Any, A Little
Log: Caste, Family, Folk, Household, Husband, Man, People
Davaa: Medicine, Remedy

Vaada-e-yaar ki baat na chhedo
Ye dhokha bhi kha rakha hai

Vaada: Promise
Yaar: Beloved Fellow, Friend, Lover, Companion
Baat: Affair, Betrothal, Business Proposal, Gossip, Matter, News, Overture, Proposal, Point, Problem
Chhedna: Joke, Kid, Molest, Taunt, Tease
Dhokha: Jape, Jockey, Lie, Mislead, Trick, Wile
Khaana: Bear, Eat, Embezzle, Endure, Lunch, Meal, Misappropriate, Omit, Repast

Bhul bhi jao biti baten,
In baton mein kya rakha hai

Bhoolna: To Forget
Biiti: To pass, elapse, expire (as time); to come to pass, take place, occur, happen, befall, arrive; to undergo, suffer, endure

Chup chup kyon rahte ho ‘Nasir’
Ye kya rog laga rakha hai

Nasir: A reference to the poet, Nasir Kazmi
Rog: Ail, Bad Habit, Botheration, Entanglement, Embarrassment


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  1. ghazal_appreciation on

    Wonderful ghazal. Kazmi seems to be at his best here.

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