Baat Niklegi To Phir

Lyrics by Kafeel Aazer

baat niklegi to fir duur talak jaayegi
log bevajha udasi ka sabab puchhenge
yae bhi puchhenge ke tum itni pareshhan kyun ho

Baat: Affair, Betrothal, Business Proposal, Gossip, Matter, News, Overture, Proposal, Point, Problem
Nikalna: Appear, Emerge, Jut, Rise (Sun)
Duur: Afar, Alienate, Away, Beyond, Distant, Far, Off, Outlying, Remote
Talak: Till
Log: Caste, Family, Folk, Household, Husband, Man, People
Bevajha: Without Cause
Udaasi: Gloom, Sadness
Sabab: Bring About, Cause, Occasion, Reason, Relationship
Poochhna: Ask, Query, Question
Pareyshaan: Anxious, Distracted, Distressed, Jittery, Tease, Torture, Troubled, Scattered, Worry

ungliyaan uthegi sukhe huae baalon ki taraf
ek nazar dekhenge gujre huae saalon ki taraf
choodiyo par bhi kai tanz kiye jaayenge
kaampte haathhon pe bhi fikr-e-kas-e-jaayenge

Ungli: Finger
Uthna: Arise, Get Up, Rise, Wake
Sookha: Lank, Thin, Withered
Baal: Hair
Taraf: Direction, Leaning, Towards, Side, Margin, Way
Ek: One
Nazar: Countenance, Estimation, Expectation, Eyesight, Favor, Glance, Look, Motive, Oblation, Offering
Dekhna: To See
Guzarna: Elapse, Expire
Saal: Year
Choodi: Bangle
Tanz: Jest, Irony, Laugh, Quirk, Sarcasm Satire, Wisecrack, Witticism
Kaanpna: To tremble, shake, quake, quiver, shiver
Haath: Authority, Hand, Arm, Clutches, Power, Slap, Reach
Fikr: Advice, Anxiety, Care, Concern, Consideration, Counsel, Idea, Imagination, Notion, Opinion, Reflection
Kas: Man, Person, Tenacity

log zaalim hai har ik baat ka taana denge
baaton baaton mei mera zikr bhi le aayenge (2)
unki baaton ka zara sa bhi asar mat lena
varna chahere ke taasur se samaj jaayenge

Zaalim: Bully, Cruel, Fell, Grim, Heartless, Kindless, Oppressor, Tyrant, Unjust, Viper, Wanton, Wicked
Taana: Taunt, Sarcastic Remarks
Zikr: Discussion, Remembrance, Memory, Mention
Zara sa: A Few, A Little, Just, Trifle, Wee, Whit
Asar: Action, Effect, Governance, Impression , Influence, Mark, Ruin, Sign, Trace
Mat: Don’t
Varna: And If Not, Else, Otherwise
Chehara: Countenance, Face, Mask Portrait, Visor, Visage
Taasur: Affect
Samajh: Judgement, Wit

chahe kuchh bhi ho sawaalaat na karna unse (2)
mere baare mei koi baat na karna unse
baat niklegi to duu…r talak jaayegi

Chaahe, Chaahiye: Like, Must, Need, Ought, Should, Want, Wish, Yearn, Yen
Kuchh: Any, A Little
Sawaalaat: Question
Baare: About, Briefly, Concerning, In Connection With, In Short

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  1. Anand Suraiya on

    It feels great to understand and feel the nice urdu words…so sweet of you admin…

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