Uski Baatein To Phool Ho Jaise

Poet unknown. Please leave a comment if you know who the poet is.

uski baatein to phool ho jaise…
baki baatein babool ho jaise….

Us Ki: Her, His
Baat: Affair, Betrothal, Business Proposal, Gossip, Matter, News, Overture, Proposal, Point, Problem
Phool: Flower, Blossom, Bunch, Spark, Bell Metal, Rosette, Bud
Baki: Rest, Remaining
Babool: Acacia, which from is: any of a large genus (Acacia) of leguminous shrubs and trees of warm regions with leaves pinnate or reduced to phyllodes and white or yellow flower clusters

choti choti si uski woh aankhein…
do chameli ke phool ho jaise….

Chota: Small
Aankh: Eye, Optic
Do: Two
Chameli: Jasmine

uska haskar nazar jhuka lena….
sari shartey qubool ho jaise….

Hansna: Laugh
Nazar: Countenance, Estimation, Expectation, Eyesight, Favor, Glance, Look, Motive, Oblation, Offering
Jhukaana: Bend, Lean, Tilt, Lower
Sari: Whole, All
Shart: Agreement, Bet, Condition, Term,Wager
Qubool: Accept, Accord, Approbation, Acknowledgement, Avowal, Assent, Consent, Ratification, Recognition

kitni dilkash hai uski khamoshi….
sari baatein fizool ho jaise…..

Kitna: How much
Dil-kash: Adorable, Attractive, Loveable, Lovely, Taking, Tempting, Winning, Winsome
Khaamosh: Appease, Lull, Mollify Orderly, Quiet, Silent
Khaamoshi: Silence
Fizool, Fuzuul: Extravagant, Exuberant, Junky, Lavish, Officiousness, Redundant, Wasteful, Worthless

2 comments so far

  1. Vikram on

    This is from the Album Aaina, and poet may be Rajesh Reddy or Bashir Badr.

    I am not sure, but earlier I had a cassette of it

  2. मनोज जैन on

    शायर- जनाब इब्राहिम अश्क़

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