Kisko Qatil Main Kahoon

Lyrics by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

kisko qaatil maiN kahooN kisko maseehaa samaJhooN
sab yahaaN dost hee baiThe haiN kise kyA samaJhooN

Kis ko: Whom
Qaatil: Assassin, Homicide, Killer, Lethal, Murderer
Maseehaa: Christ, One Who Can Give Life
Samajhna: Expostulate, Consider
Yahaan: Here, Hither
Dost: Amity, Friend, Kith And Kin, Lover
Baithna: Sit

wo bhI kyA din the ke har vaham yakeeN hotA tha
ab haqeekat nazar aaye to use kyA samaJhooN

Har: All, Every, Each
Vaham: Doubt, Suspicion
Yakeen: Assurance, Belief, Certainty, Confidence, Conviction, Credit, Faith, Truth, Trust
Haqeeqat: Truth, Reality, Narration, Condition
Nazar aana: Appear

dil jo TooTaa to kaI haath duaa ko uTThe
aise mAhaul meiN ab kis’ko paraayaa samaJhooN

Tootnaa: Break
Kai: Many
Haath: Arms, hands
Duaa: Blessing, Prayer, Wish
Utthna: Arise, Get Up, Rise, Wake
Maahaul: Surroundings, Environment
Parayaa: Belong To Another

zulm ye hai ke hai yaqtaa terI begAnaaravee
lutf ye hai ke maiN ab tak tujhe apanA samaJhooN

Zulm: Cruelty, Injustice, Oppression, Tyranny, Torment
Yak: One
Yaktaa: Single; simple;–singular, unique, incomparable
Begaanaa: Alien, Foreign, Strange, Unfamiliar, Estranged, Shy
Rav: Cry, clamour, din; sound, noise; voice; hum; report, fame
Begaanaaravee: Unfamiliar cry or voice(?)
Lutf: Benignity, Enjoyment, Favor, Grace, Joy, Kindness, Pleasure, Taste, Wit
Apnaa: Belonging to oneself


3 comments so far

  1. ashish on

    I don’t understand what does Qasmi mean to imply with this?
    This one is very complicated.

    My guess is first three paragraphs imply that you can’t believe anybody at any point in time.

    But then last paragraph does not stand extraordinary as compared to the other three and also it is not clear.

    I believe it says that injustice is known even from the simple foreign cry but you find it enjoyable when you feel yourself.

    is the author ‘Qasmi’ cruel or sympathetic?

  2. Shabbir Akhtar on

    The last paragraph means:
    It is cruel that you continuously behave with me like an unrelated person
    It’s funny (in a sad way) that I still consider you as my own
    I don’t know the meaning of Qasmi

    • Anonymous on

      In the context of the poem, this seems the right meaning

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