Zindagi Se Yehi Gila Hai Mujhe

Ghulam Ali version:

Mehdi Hassan version:

Lyrics by Ahmed Faraz

ज़िन्दगी से यही गिला है मुझे
तू बहुत देर से मिला है मुझे

Zindagi se yehi gilaa hai mujhe
Tu bahut der se mila hai mujhe

ज़िन्दगी, Zindagi: Existence, Life, Living
यह, Yeh: It, He, She, This, They
गिला, Gilaa: Complaint, Blame, Reproach, Lamentation
बहुत, Bahut: Many, Much, Numerous, Very
देर, Der: Long, of long standing or time, old, antique;–late, long since, a long while, a while since; tardily, slowly
मिलना, Milna: Blend, Join, Meet, Mix, Obtain

हमसफ़र चाहिए, हुजून नहीं
एक बुसाफिर भी काफिला है मुझे

Hamsafar chaahiye, hujoom nahin
Ek musaafir bhi, qaafila hai mujhe

हमसफ़र, Hamsafar: Companion, Fellow-Traveller
चाह, Chaah: Affection, Appetite, Choice, Desire, Liking, Longing, Love, Need, Urgency, Volition, Want, Well, Wish
हुजूम, Hujoom: Assault, Attack, Crowd, Mob, Onset, Resort, Throng, Tumult
एक, Ek: One, Single
मुसाफिर, Musaafir: Stranger, Tourist, Traveler, Wayfarer
काफिला, Qaafila: Caravan

दिल धड़कता नहीं सुलगता है
वोह जो ख्वाहिश थी आबला है मुझे

Dil dhadakta nahin sulagtaa hai
Woh jo khwahish thi, aabala hai mujhe

धड़कना, Dhadakna: Beat
सुलगना, Sulagna: To be kindled, be ignited, be set light to; to light; to burn without smoke or flame, to burn clearly or brightly; to be inflamed, be excited, be roused, be irritated.
ख्वाहिश, Khwaahish: Demand, Desire, Keenness, Liking, Request, Want, Wish, Will
आबला, Aabalaa: A blister, a pustule

लैब-कुषा हूँ तो इस यकीन के साथ
क़त्ल होने का होसला है मुझे

Lab-kusha hoon to is yakiin ke saath
Qatl hone ka hosala hai mujhe

लैब, Lab: Bank, Brim, Brink, Brow Of A Hill, Coast, Edge, Labia, Lip, Margin, Moustache, Saliva, Shore, Verge
कुषा, Kusha: Opening, expanding; displaying; loosening; solving; revealing;–conquering (used as last member of compounds)
लैब-कुषा, Lab-Kusha: Open mouthed, Outspoken(?)
यकीन, Yakiin: Assurance, Belief, Certainty, Confidence, Conviction, Credit, Faith, Truth, Trust
क़त्ल, Qatl: Assassination, Bloodshed, Killing, Massacre, Murder, Murder
होसला, Hosala: Courage

तू मोहब्बत से कोई चाल तो चल
हार जाने का हौसला है मुझे

Tu mohabbat se koii chaal to chal
Haar jaane ka hausla hai mujhe

मोहब्बत, Mohabbat: Affection, Amour, Love
चाल, Chaal: Accelerate, Activity, Bark, Custom, Gadget, Gait, Gimmickery, Guile, Strategem, Tactic, Trick, Walk
हार, Haar: Bone, Defeat, Fatigue, Garland Loss, Lurch, Necklace, Wreath

कौन जाने की चाहतों में फ़राज़!
क्या गंवाया है क्या मिला है मुझे

Kaun jaane ki chaahaton maiN FARAZ!
Kya ganwaaya hai, kya mila hai mujhe

फ़राज़, Faraz: A reference to the poet, Ahmed Faraz
चाह,Chaah: Affection, Appetite, Choice, Desire, Liking, Longing, Love, Need, Urgency, Volition, Want, Well, Wish
गंवाना, Ganwaana: To lose; to lose or miss (a road, or one’s way); to throw away, to get rid, of; to spend in vain; to waste, squander; to pass or spend (time); to trifle or fritter away (time)


15 comments so far

  1. Hemali on

    Very nice lyrics

  2. A Ghatak on

    A thousand salaams to you! I have been looking for the lyrics of this wonderful ghazal by the exquisite Ahmed Faraz right from the day I heard its rendition by the inimitable Ghulam Ali.

  3. SG on

    Salaam to Faraz Sahab, such great poetry

  4. Viren Balsara on

    What a beautiful ghazal

  5. Nishant on

    I have no words to express my feeling about this great lyrics…

    Just AWESOME!!!!

  6. Vineet on

    Very nice gazal. Jitna suno utna kam hai

  7. zarrish ilyas on

    very very niceeeeeee gazal
    tu mhbt sy koi chal to chl
    har jane ka hosla ha mjy………………..

  8. parth on

    wah wah beautifully sang by gulam ali

  9. versa kay on

    Great ghazal and beautifully sung by Ghulam Ali. But each of the shers seems to stand apart from the others, unless you make an effort to make up a story to connect them up.

  10. Qasim shahid on

    wow vry vry heart tuching shayri…



  12. MrLetsfirst Chat on

    Incomparable poetry. Faraaz Saab ki kalam ki teer dil tak chuney waala phir. Bhai wah wah. Zamana jab tak rahega, Faraaz Saab ka naam sada-bahaar rahega.
    And unparalleled singing by the legend of our times…..the irresistable Ghulam Ali Saab.
    Apni aawaz pey toh kabu paa lo mia, pyar ke bol toh honton sey nikal jaate hain!!
    Love from India…….

  13. summerinmyheart on

    Thank you for the word to word translation… I was struggling with the meaning of a couple of words. Love and peace !

  14. maksha on

    Great translation of great ghazal, Thanks!!

  15. rayees on

    i miss u Ahmed Faraz…… 😦
    Very Nice gazal.

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