Mera Jo Haal Ho So Ho

Poet unknown. Please leave a comment if you know who the poet is.

mera jo haal ho so ho, barq-e-nazar giraaye jaa
main yoon hi naala-kash rahoon, tu yoon hi muskuraaye jaa

Haal: Affair, Circumstance, Condition, Life, Narrative, Rapture, State, Spiritual Ecstasy
Hona: Be, Become, Occur
Ho So Ho: Let it be as is
Barq: LIghtning
Nazar: Countenance, Estimation, Expectation, Eyesight, Favor, Glance, Look, Motive, Oblation, Offering
Barq-e-Nazar: Lightning like Glance
Giraana: Drop, To cause to fall
Yoon: Thus
Naala: Complaint, plaint, lamentation, moan, groan; weeping
Kash: Drawing, pulling; carrying, bearing, enduring; drawer; bearer (used as last member of compounds)
Naala-kash: Lamenting, groaning;–lamenter
Muskuraana: Laugh

dil ke har ek goshaa mein, aag si ek lagaye jaa
mutrab-e-aatishiin-nawaa, haan isii dhun mein gaaye jaa

Har: All, Every, Each
Goshaa: Angle, Cell, Corner, Lobe, Privacy
Aag: Flame, Fire, Incensement, Anger, Passion, Love, Lust
Aag Lagaana: Ignite, Set on fire
Mutrib: A musician, a minstrel; a singer
Aatish: Fire, flame; anger, passion, rage
Aatishiin: Of fire, composed of fire (as the Jinn, &c.); fiery, hot, passionate, irascible, choleric
Nawaa: Sound, Voice
Haan: Yes
Dhun: Whim, Zeal
Gaana: To Sing, Song

jitnii bhi aaj pii sakoon, uzr na kar pilaaye jaa
mast nazar ka vaasta, mast nazar banaaye jaa

Jitna: As many as
Aaj: Present Moment, Today
Piina: Drink, Quaff, Absorb
Sak: Ability, capacity, strength, power, authority
Uzr: Apology, Disapproval, Excuse, Helplessness, Hesitate, Objection, Plea
Pilaana: To cause to drink, to give a drink of water, &c. to; to take (an animal) to water; to water, irrigate; to cause to take in or absorb; to fill, charge, prime; to cause to swallow, to thrust down one’s throat, make one believe
Mast: Drunk, Excited, Intoxicated, Lascivious, Mad, Overjoyed, Rampant
Vaastaa: Agent, Account, Broker, Means, Medium, Middleman, Motive, Reason, Relationship, Sake
Banaana: Build, Coin, Constraint, Fabricate, Laugh, Make, Manufacture, Mould, Produce

lutf se ho ke qahar se, hogo kabhi to ruu-ba-ruu
uska jahaan pataa chale, shor vahiin machaaye jaa

Lutf: Benignity, Enjoyment, Favor, Grace, Joy, Kindness, Pleasure, Taste, Wit
Qahar: Anger, Fury, Rage, Divine Wrath
Kabhi: Ever
Ruu: Face
Ruu-ba-ruu: Face To Face, In Front Of
Jahaan: The World, Where, Whither
Pataa: Address, Trace
Pataa chalna: To learn, to identify, to know
Shor: Ardor, Brackish, Clamor, Loudness, Noise, Outcry, Tumult, Turmoil
Vahiin: There
Machaana: To raise up, stir up, set up, excite;–to cause, make, produce; to commit, perpetrate

ishq ko mutmayin na rakh, husn ke aitmaad par
wo tujhe aazmaa chuka, tu use aazmaaye jaa

Ishq: Affection, Amour, Love, Excessive Passion Mania, Romance
Mutmayin: Appeased, Quiescent
Rakhna: Keep, Locate, Maintain
Husn: Attractiveness, Beauty, Elegance,Loveliness
Aitmaad: Confidence, Faith
Aazmaa: Test


10 comments so far

  1. Ben Isaac on

    a robust and fantastically imaginative ghazal by one and only Jigar Muradabadi, beautifully rendered in raag baharwein by the maestreo. just heavenly!

  2. ashu on

    beautiful ghazal

  3. Nishant on

    It sounds like ‘Tere nisar saaqiya jitni piyun pilaaye ja,mast nazar ka vaasta mast mujhe banaaye ja’
    ‘Vafaa-e-badnaseeb ko,bakhsha hai tune dard kyun,hai koi iski bhi dava itna zara bataaye ja’
    sung by Jagjeet singh ji…

  4. bunny on

    Best hai yeh….

  5. on

    My idea of a blog entry for sure, Way to go on the fantastic job you have done on breaking the material down into manageable data.

  6. Anonymous on

    outstanding praise worthy work mate, very well done

  7. A.MATIN on

    Some of the above verses are mere direct translational of the sentences .Can anybody decipher the exact philosphy ie what is the poet trying to convey ..for instance …ishq ko mutmaeen na rakh ..please let me know the philosphy behind it please

  8. Anonymous on

    Mera jo haal ho so ho, barq-e-nazar giraaye jaa
    main yoon hi naala-kash rahoon, tu yoon hi muskuraaye jaa
    Lyrics Janab Jigar Muradabadi

  9. Ajay Sidhu on

    Lyrics Janab Jigar Muradabadi

  10. Anonymous on

    The poet is Jigar murad aabadi

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