Dhuan Bana Ke Fiza Mein

Lyrics by Nazeer Baqri

dhuan banake fiza mein uda diya mujhko
main jal raha tha kisi ne bujha diya mujhko

Dhuan: Smoke
Fiza: Atmosphere, Environment
Udana: To cause to fly
Jalna: Burn
Bujhana: To be put out, extinguished (a fire, light, &c.); to be quenched (as thirst); to be allayed or satisfied (as hunger, or a feeling or passion)

taraqqiyo.n kaa fasaanaa sunaa diyaa mujhako
abhii ha.Nsaa bhii na thaa aur rulaa diyaa mujhako

Taraqqi: Rising step by step, advancement, elevation, promotion, preferment; progress, improvement, proficiency; increase
Fasaana: Fable, Fictional Tale, Romance, Tale

khada hoon aaj bhi roti ke chaar harq harf liye
sawal yeh hai kitaabon ne kya diya mujhko

Khada: Erect, Standing, Ready
Roti: Breat
Chaar: Four
Harq: Burnt
Harf: Syllable, Letter, Alphabet, A Letter Of The Alphabet, Talk
Roti ke chaar harf: Four pieces of bread
Sawaal: Question
Kitaab: Book

safed sang ki chaadar lapet kar mujh par
fasiil-e-shaher se kisne saja diya mujhko

Safed: White
Sang: Stone, Weight
Chaadar: A Sheet, Curtain, Veil, Waterfall
Lapetna: Wrap around
Fasiil: City Wall, Boundary
Shaher: City
Fasiil-e-Shaher: City Wall, Boundary
Sajaana: Adorn, Array, Bedeck, Embellish, Trim

main ek zarra bulandi ko chhoone nikla tha
hawa ne thamm se ke zameen par gira diya mujhko

Zarra: Atom, Grain, Granule, Jot, Minute Particles , Particle, Speck
Buland: Exalted, Great, High, Lofty, Loud, Sublime, Tall
Bulandi: Highness, Greatness
Chhoona: Touch
Hawaa: Wind
Thamm: Support, prop, pillar, column, post Obstruction, obstacle, check, curb, anything that restrains
Zameen: Country, Earth, Estate, Floor, Ground, Land, Region, Soil
Giraana: Drop, To cause to fall

na jaane kaun saa jazbaa thaa jisane Khud hii “Nazeer”
merii hii zaat kaa dushman banaa diyaa mujhko

Jazbaa: Affect, Desire, Emotion, Enthusiasm, Feeling, Passion, Rage
Nazeer: A reference to the poet, Nazeer Baqri
Zaat: Being Endowed With, Birth, Body, Breed, Caste, Conscious, Creed, Essence, Existence, Having Possessed


12 comments so far

  1. Zia Jaffri on

    awesome… thanks

  2. shahzad on

    its khara hon aaj bhee roti ke chaar HARF liye..its not HARQ and HARF means letters of the alphabet and if you notice the word ROTI has exactly 4 letters R O T I…what a fantastic line it is…..


    • Debashish Bose on

      WTF? Roti is an english word?? Bihaar se likh rahe ho kya?

  3. shahzad on

    its hawa ne thumm KE not thumm SE and thamm means to STOP, to become STILL…hence the meaning of the line is “the air stopped and made me fall on the ground”

    • ekfankaar on

      Thanks for the corrections.

  4. vaishali on

    The words are beautiful and LATAJIs rendition is so flawless and smooth and last but not the least congrats to the composer for a soulful composition

  5. addy on

    main ek zarra bulandi ko chhoone nikla tha
    hawa ne thamm se ke zameen par gira diya mujhko

    Thamm ke ==> ruk ke

  6. vaseemali on

    na jaane kaun saa jazbaa thaa jisane Khud hii “Nazeer”
    merii hii zaat kaa dushman banaa diyaa mujhko

    if u can feel these lines,they just rip my heart apart.beautiful

  7. Sonia on

    My mother used to play this song when I was little, every time I listen to it I am so moved and it makes me very emotional….however, I understand some of the words in the song but I struggle to understand the lyrics fully.

    What is this song really about? And would anybody be so kind and translate the actual sentences/lyrics for me (not just some words)? I would really love to know.

  8. Deepdisha Ahya Doshi on

    Awesome attempt by you…and this is one of my all time favorite’s!

  9. Deepdisha Ahya Doshi on

    Would love to read more translations of urdu nazms!

  10. chandra shaker on

    Yes, as Sonia says I would like to know what is the meaning of this song and translation in English. I am not hindi speaking person, but love this music.

    Sonia, if you got the answer to your question please forward it to me.

    Thank you

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