Rishton Mein Daraar Aayi

Poet unknown. Please leave a comment if you know who the poet is.

rishton mein daraar aaii (2)
beTe na rahe beTe
bhaaii na rahe bhaaii
rishton mein daraar aaii

Rishtaa: Alliance, Kinship, Lineage, Relation, Relationship, Thread, To Be Engaged
Daraar: Opening, Breach
Beta: Son
Bhaaii: Brother

parkhaa hai lahuu apanaa bharataa hai zamaane ko
tuufaan mein koii bhii aayaa na bachaane ko
saahil pe nazar aaye kitane hii tamaashaaii
rishton mein daraar aaii

Parakh: Examination, Experiment, Judgement, Test, Trial
Lahuu: Blood
Bharna: Fill
Zamaana: Age, Era, Epoch, Time, Period
Tuufaan: Riot, Storm, Tempest, Hurricane
Bachaana: Bind, Collect, Fend, Hide, Help, Liberate, Preserve, Protect Remove, Rescue, Save, Separate, Shield
Saahil: Beach, River-Side, Shore
Nazar aana: Appear
Tamaashaa: Amusement, Entertainment, Exhibition, Fun, Play, Pleasure, Show, Sigh, Sport, Spectacle

DhuuNDe se nahiin milataa raahat kaa jahaaN koii
TuuTe hue daamon ko le jaaye kahaaN koii
har moD pe hotii hai ehasaas kii rusavaaii
rishton mein daraar aaii

Dhoondna: Look For, Trace, Track
Raahat: Comfort, Ease, Quiet, Rest, Repose, Respite, Relief, Tranquility
Jahaan: The World, Where, Whither
Tuuta: Broken
Daam: Lid, Latch, Loan, Net, Price, Snare, Trap, Value
Daam: (also, and maybe in this context?) A rope, cord, string; a fetter, a net, a snare
Mod: Turn, bend, winding (as of a road, or a river); twist; coil; convolution; writhe; twist, sprain
Ehsaas: Consciousness, Emotion, Feelings, Perception, Realisation
Rusavaa: Dishonored, Disgraced, Infamous, Notorious, Reputation, To Give A Bad Name
Rusavaaii: Bad Name, Disgrace, Infamy

zaKhmon se khilii kaliyaaN ashkon se mili shabanam
pat-jhad ke dariiche se aayaa hai nayaa mausam
raaton kii siyaahii se lii subah ne angaDaaii
rishton mein daraar aaii

Zakhm: Bruise, Cut, Damage, Felon, Gash, Hack, Harm, Hurt, Injury, Loss,Sore, Wound
Khilna: Blossom, Blow, Bud, Burst
Kali: Blossom, Bud, Quick Lime
Ashk: Tears
Shabnam: Dew
Pat: A leaf (used typically as a prefix)
Jhad: A falling, fall (of leaves, &c., e.g. pat-jhaṛ); a shower, downpour, heavy or continuous rain
Pat-jhad: With the leaves dropped off, leafless;–fall of the leaf, autumn
Dareecha: Window
Nayaa: New
Mausam: Season, Time, Weather
Raat: Night
Siyaahii: Blackness
Subah: Morning, Dawn
Angadai: Twisting or stretching the limbs (especially the upper members); yawning

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