Ghar Se Nikle The

Poet unknown. Please leave a comment if you know who the poet is.

ghar se nikle thhe hoslaa karke
laut aaye khuda khudaa karke

Nikalna: Appear, Emerge, Jut, Rise
Hoslaa: Courage
Lautna: Return
Khuda: God

dard-e-dil paaaoge wafaa karke
humne dekha hain tajourba karke

Dard-e-dil: Compassion
Paanaa: Achieve, Acquire, Know, Obtain, Overtake, Recognise, Receive
Wafaa: Fulfilling A Promise, Fulfillment, Fidelity, Faithful, Sincerity, Sufficiency
Tajaruba: Experience

zindagi to kabhi nahee aaayi
maut aayi zara zaraa karke

Zindagi: Existence, Life, Living
Maut: Death, Expiration, Mortality
Zara sa: A Few, A Little, Just, Trifle, Wee, Whit
Zara Zara: Little by little

log sunte rahe dimaag ki baat
hum chale dil ko rahnuma karke

Dimaag: Airs, Brain, Conceit, Intellect, Mind
Dil: Heart, Soul, Courage, Generosity, Wish
Raah: Custom, Fashion, Journey, Means of Access, Method, Passage, Path, Progress, Road, Track, Way
Numaa: Showing, exhibiting, pointing out;–showing itself, appearing
Rahanumaa: showing the road, a guide

kis ne paayaa sukoon duniya mein
zindegaanee ka saamnaa karke

Sukoon: Peace, Rest, Tranquility, Quietude, Quiet, Quiescence, Quietness
Zindagaani: Life, living; sustenance, livelihood
Saamnaa: Encounter


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