Abhi Woh Kamsin

Lyrics by Kanwar Mohinder Singh Bedi Sahar

abhi wo kamsin ubhar raha hai, abhi hai us par shabaab aadha
abhi jigar mein khalish hai aadhi, abhi hay mujh par ithaab aadha

Kamsin: Juvenile, Little, Innocent, Youth
Ubhar: Come Up, Float, Gurgitation, Knurl
Shabaab: Juvenility, Prime Of Life, Youth
Aadha: Half
Jigar: Courage, Liver, Heart, Soul, Mind, Vitals
Khalish: Prick, Pain, Anxiety, Apprehension, Suspicion
Itaab: Rebuke, Reproach, Anger, Displeasure

mere savaal-e-vasl par tum, nazar jhuka kar khade hue ho
thumhi bathao ye baath kya hay, Savaal poora javaab aadha

Savaal: Question
Vasl: Meeting, Union
Nazar: Countenance, Estimation, Expectation, Eyesight, Favor, Glance, Look, Motive, Oblation, Offering
Jhukna: Bend, Lean, Tilt
Khada hua: Standing
Jawaab: Answer

laga ke laare pe le tho aaya hoon, shekh saahab ko maikadhe tak
agar ye do goonth aaj peele, milega mujhko savaab aadha

Laara: A continuous line, a string, series, row, train;–adv. In the train (of), in the rear (of), behind; in company (with)
Shekh: Elder, Important Person
Maikadah: Bar, Tavern
Do: Two
Ghoonth: A gulp; a draught, a pull (at a pipe)
Savaab: The right; right saying or doing; justness of acting or of thinking; a just or virtuous act; rectitude; truth; right way or course, proper manner;–happy issue, success; meed, reward (of faith, or good works)

kabhi sitham hai kabhi karam hai, kabhi thavajjo kabhi thagaphul
ye saaf zaahir hai mujhse ab tak, hua huoom mein kaamyaab aadha

Sitam: Cruelty, Injustice, Oppression Tyranny, Torment, Torture, Violence
Karam: Benevolence, Benignity, Benedictions, Bounty, Clemency, Favor, Kindness, Largeness
Tavajjoh: Directing the steps (towards), turning (towards or to); countenancing, regarding, attending (to); inclination; regard; attention, consideration, countenance, favour, kindness, obligingness
Tagaaful: Apathy, Ignore, Indifference,Neglect, Negligence
Saaf: Clean, Clear, Even, Explicit, Expressly, Legible, Lucid, Innocent, Openly, Plain, Pure
Zaahir: Apparent, Clear, Conspicous, Emerge, Explain, Evident, Glaring, Jackanapes, Manifest, Obvious, Open
Kaamyaab: Appeased, Happy, Jubilant, Prosperous, Successful, Satisfied


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