Le Chala Jaan Meri

Lyrics by Daag Dehlvi

le chala jaan meri rooth ke jana tera
aise aanay se to behtar tha na aana tera

Leyna: Obtain, Take
Chalna: Come, Go, Operate, Pace, Proceed, Run, Walk
Jaan: Beloved, Life, Mind, Sweetheart, Soul, Vigor, Zing
Roothna: To be irritated, be vexed, be offended or displeased, to take offence or umbrage; to quarrel, to have a misunderstanding (with a friend), to become estranged, to be cool
Aana: Arrive, Come
Behtar: Better, Improved

tu jo ay zulf pareshaan raha karti hai
kis ke ujre howay dil mein hai thikana tera

Zulf: Curl, Hair, Locks, Ringlet, Tress
Pareshaan: Anxious, Distracted, Distressed, Jittery, Tease, Torture, Troubled, Scattered, Worry
Ujre: Deserted, desolate, cheerless, gloomy
Thikaana: Abode, Bearing, Goal, Limit, Proper Place

aarzu he na rahi subh e watan ki mujh ko
shaam e ghurbat hai ajab waqt sunhana tera

Aarzu: Aspiration, Desire, Hankering, Hunger, Longing, Solicitude, Wish, Yearning, Yen
Sub: Morning, Dawn
Watan: Abode, Clime, Home, Homeland, Habitat, Kith, Native Country, Residence
Shaam: Evening, Twilight
Ghurbat: Alienation, Lowliness, Poverty, Want
Ajab: Amazing, Astonishing, Curious, Marvelous, Rare, Strange, Surprise, Wonder, Wonderful, Vanity
Waqt: Hour, Occasion, Opportunity, Time, Term, Season
Suhaana: Pleasing, pleasant, agreeable, charming, becoming, graceful

apni aankhon mein abhi kond gayi bijli si
hum na samjhe ke yeh aana hai ke jaana tera

Kont, Kond(?): A spear, lance, barbed dart, thorn
Konch: A prick, stab, thrust
Bijli: Active, Electricity, Kernel of a Mango Seed, Lightning, Thunderbolt
Samajh: Judgement, Wit, Knowledge, Understanding

tu khuda to nahi, ae naaseh naadaan mera
kya khata ki jo kaha maine na maana tera

Khuda: God
Naaseh: Preacher, Counselor
Daana: Judicious, Kernel, Learned, Wise
Naa-daan: Ignorant, Innocent
Khata: Error, Fault, Lapse, Mistake, Oversight, Wrong, Transgression
Kaha: Bidding, Remark
Maan-na: Accept, Acknowledge, Admit, Afford, Agree, Allow, Assume, Believe, Keep, Obey,Regard

le chala jaan meri rooth ke jana tera
aise aanay se to behtar tha na aana tera

6 comments so far

  1. himanshu on

    hey this gazal is not recited by DAAG insted it is by ahmed faraz although very good work.:)

    • aa on

      No it is Daag’s poem.

  2. Mobsy on

    one of the bests of Abida. I cant stop listening to it all the time..

  3. Anonymous on

    It’s one of the best songs. Very well sung.

  4. Gaurav Sood on

    i thinks it zulf parishaan not zulf pareshaan. zulf parishaan means “khuli hui zulfein”

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