Itni Muddat Baad Mile Ho

Lyrics by Mohsin Naqvi performed by Hemkalyan Bapat

itni muddat baad mile ho
kin socho mein gum rahate ho

Itna: As Much As, This Many, This Much
Muddat: Muddat: Awhile, Duration, Length Of Time, Period Of Time, Term, While
Baad: After
Milna: Blend, Join, Meet, Mix, Obtain
Kin: What, Which, Who
Sochna: Meditate, Think
Gum: Absorbed, Distracted, Lost, Missing

tez hawaa ne mujh se puchaa
ret pe kya likhte rahte ho

Tez: Caustic, Clever, Fiery, Hot, Keen Pungent, Sharp, Spicy, Swift
Hawaa: Air, Atmosphere, Breeze, Desire, Greed, Wind
Poochna: Ask, Query, Question
Ret: Sand; filings
Likhna: Write

kaun si baat hai tum mein aisi
itne achchhe kyon lagate ho

Kaun sa: What, Which
Baat: Affair, Betrothal, Business Proposal, Gossip, Matter, News, Overture, Proposal, Point, Problem, Question
Achcha: All Right, Acceptable, Heavenly, Yes, Well

ham se na poocho hijr ke qisse
apni kaho ab tum kaise ho

Hijr: Separation, Absence From One’s Country
Qisse, Kisse: Anecdote, Dispute, Event, Fable, Happening, Incident, Legend, Matter, Romance, Story, Tale, Quarrel


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