Koi Paas Aaya Sawere Sawere

Lyrics by Saeed Rahi

कोई पास आया सवेरे सवेरे
मुझे आज़माया सवेरे सवेरे

koii paas aayaa savere savere
mujhe aazamaayaa savere savere

कोई, Koi: Any, Anybody; in this context – someone
सवेरे, Savera: The early morning, dawn
आज़माना, Aazmaana: Tempt, Test

मेरी दासतान को ज़रा सा बदल कर
मुझे ही सुनाया सवेरे सवेरे

merii daastaaN ko zaraa saa badal kar
mujhe hii sunaayaa savere savere

दासतान, Daastaan: Story, Fable, Tale
ज़रा सा, Zaraa sa: A Few, A Little, Just, Trifle, Wee, Whit
बदल, Badal: Change, Equivalent, Exchange, Substitution
सुनाना, Sunaana: Announce, Relate, Tell

जो कहता था कल शब् संभलना संभलना
वही लडखडाया सवेरे सवेरे

jo kahataa thaa kal shab sanbhalnaa sanbhalnaa
vahii laDkhaDaayaa savere savere

कल, Kal: Yesterday (in this context)
शब्, Shab: Night
संभालना, Sanbhalna: Assist, Look After, Manage, Maintain, Take Care Of, Take Over
वही, Vahii, Wohi: Herself, Himself, Itself
लडखडाना, Ladhkhadaana: To Tumble, To Stagger, To Totter, To Wobble, To Shake, To Stutter, To Stammer, To Sway, To Roll
लडखडाया, Ladkhadaaya: Caused to Tumble/Totter/Fall/Shake

कटी रात साड़ी मेरी मयकदे में
खुदा याद आया सवेरे सवेरे

kaTii raat saarii merii maikade mein
Khudaa yaad aayaa savere savere

कटी, Katii: Passed
मयकदा, Maykadah: Bar, Tavern
खुदा, Khudaa: God
याद, Yaad: Remembrance, Memory, Recollection


9 comments so far

  1. manoj on

    i have been listening to this gazal for past 25 year again and again and it still lingers

  2. keshav on

    How I stumbled upon your blog is a story. I was reading about raag lalit, and suddenly I realized about this immortal Jagjit’s song. The song from this tune (modified a lot)is very popular in Kannada (one of the south Indian languages). I stumbled upon your song in you-tube. I Urdu/Hindi is not great, and here is the pure bliss! You have done such a hard work, I will be coming to your blog again and again to learn Urdu/Hindi ghazals. You made my day! I cannot ask for more today. My sincere thanks.

  3. keshav on

    Here is the link of Kannada song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS701k1D6m4

  4. kirpal on

    i always fond of jagjeet gazals it is very much heart touching i am listening sinece 1980

  5. msyterystar on

    yes Jagjeet is good one….

  6. Anonymous on

    Its hard to search for the meaning of words in Urdu. My search ends here. Thanks for helping us enjoy the true gazal spirit!

  7. Kaddi on

    Ah! what a pure bliss. I have heard both versions hundreds and hundreds of times sung by 2 maestros, Jagjit Singh and Raj Kumar. Every time it touches my heart

  8. Nikita on

    Do you know what is the 5 beat taal in this ghazal?

  9. Anonymous on

    Excellent job. May I request yo to make a correction?

    कटी रात साड़ी मेरी मयकदे में is wrong.

    कटी रात सारी मेरी मयकदे में is correct.

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