Seene Mein Jalan

Lyrics by Shahryar

सीने में जलन आँखों में तूफ़ान सा क्यूं है
इस शहर में हर शख्स परेशान सा क्यूँ है

siine me.n jalan aa.Nkho.n me.n tuufaan saa kyuu.N hai
is sheher me.n har shaKs pareshaan saa kyuu.N hai

सीना, Seena: Bosom, Breast, Chest
जलन, Jalan: Burn, Envy
तूफ़ान, Tuufaan: Riot, Storm, Tempest, Hurricane
शहर, Sheher: City
शख्स, Shakhs: A Person, Being, Body, Individual, Johnny
परेशान, Pareshaan: Anxious, Distracted, Distressed, Jittery, Tease, Torture, Troubled, Scattered, Worry

दिल है तो धड़कने का बहाना कोई ढूँढे,
पत्थर की तरह बेहिस-ओ-बेजान सा क्यूं है

dil hai to dha.Dakane kaa bahaanaa koI Dhuu.nDhe
patthar kii tarah behis-o-bejaan saa kyuu.N hai

धड़कना, Dhadakna: Beat
बहाना, Bahaana: Alibi, Cause, Evasion, Excuse, Mask Reason, Pretence, Pretext, Subterfuge
ढूँढना, Dhuundhna: To Search
पत्थर, Patthar: Rock, Stone
बेहिस, Behis: Shocked, Stunned, In A Stupor
बेजान, Bejaan: Flat, Lifeless, Inanimate, Vapid

तन्हाई की ये कौन सी मंजिल है रफीकों
ता-हद्द-इ-नज़र एक बयाबान सा क्यूं है

tanahaaI kii ye kaun sii ma.nzil hai rafiiqo.n
taa-hadd-e-nazar ek bayaabaan saa kyuu.N hai

Tanhaai: oneliness, Solitude
मंजिल, Manzil: Abode, Day’s Journey, Destination, Goal, House, Landing, Level, Objective, Tier
रफ़ी, Rafi: High, Sublime, Exalted
रफीक, Rafiiq: Adherent, Ally, Associate, Friend, Lad
ता, Taa: From…To, So That , Until, Up To
हद्द, Hadd: Boundary, Limit, Very, At Most, Utmost Point
नज़र, Nazar: Countenance, Estimation, Expectation, Eyesight, Favor, Glance, Look, Motive, Oblation, Offering,
ता-हद्द-इ-नज़र, Taa-hadd-e-nazar: As far as the eye can see, until the horizon
बयाबान, Bayaabaan: Desert, Wilderness

क्या कोई नै बात नज़र आती है हम में
आईना हमें देख के हैरान सा क्यूं है

kyaa koI naI baat nazar aatii hai ham me.n
aaInaa hame.n dekh ke hairaan saa kyuu.N hai

आईना, Aainaa: Looking Glass, Mirror
हैरान, Hairaan: Amazed, Confounded, Perplexed, Worried


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  1. musicmedley2007 on

    Music seems to be a passion with you. I browsed though your collection and liked most of the stuff. Thanks for giving the meanings of difficult Hindi Urdu words. You really deserve parise for this. Keep posting. Regards,

    Music Medley

  2. Prasanth on


    About this line:
    tanahaaI kii ye kaun sii ma.nzil hai rafiiqo.n
    Perhaps the last word is used to mean travelling companions or friends?

    Then the sher would mean: “what is this desolation we have reached, my fellow travellers? There is desert as far as the eye can see.”


  3. satur9 on

    i love ur site…just keep going buddy..put up more and more translations

  4. Nikhil Kardale on

    Thanks for explaining the meaning of difficult Urdu words 🙂 I was looking for the meaning to this Gazal since many days. Also must say.. you’ve got great collection here! I’ll follow your blog from now on.

  5. Gabbar on

    boss thnks for urdu words, keep it on, everything doesn’t have money value for rather more than that.

  6. Anonymous on

    truly amazing… what you are doing….. you are fulfilling a great creative need to know the meaning of the songs we love!!!

  7. N BALAJI on

    Was listening to this, this morning on iPod…… Posted a line on my facebook दिल है तो धड़कने का बहाना कोई ढूँढे……

  8. Anonymous on

    great work sir,after getting correct meaning and lyrics we can feel and appreciate the lyrisist and acknowledge his work . romba nandri

  9. Anonymous on

    if possible can we get the lyrics written for gazals for shri hariharan ji.
    shahar dar shahar liye phirta hune

  10. Anonymous on

    Thank you for posting meaning of words instead of the shers or the gazal.

    I agree with Prasanth about Rafiko because of “Manzil”. Shaayar wants to convey that place he and his fellow travelers have reached is not THE destination or even an oasis but another desert.

  11. Srinivas on

    would you please upload “Kabhi Tanhayion Mein yun Hamaari Yaad Aayegi”

  12. […] of the words, mentioned in the note above, as well as further from “ek fankaar” [^]. The translation tries to close follow not only the original words but also their sequence. To […]

  13. Anonymous on

    Thanks sir

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