Sab Mein Shaamil Ho

The First Song… has to be Mohammad Rafi’s:

Lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi

सब में शामिल हो मगर सबसे जुदा लगती हो
सिर्फ हमसे नहीं खुद से भी खफा लगती हो

sab me.n shaamil ho magar sabase judaa lagatii ho
sirf hamase nahii.n khud se bhii Kafaa lagatii ho
sab me.n shaamil …

शामिल, Shaamil: Associated, Annex, Attached, Blended, Comprising, Common, Connected, Including, Joined In, Link, Mingled, Mix
जुदा, Judaa: Abstract, Apart, Asunder, Peculiar, Separate
खफा, Khafaa: Angry, Annoyed, Concealment, Displeased, Secrecy

आँख उठती है न झुकती है किसी की खातिर
साँस चढ़ती है न रूकती है किसी की खातिर
जो किसी दर पे न ठहरे वो हवा लगती हो
सिर्फ हमसे नहीं…

aa.Nkh uThatii hai na jhukatii hai kisii kii Kaatir -2
saa.Ns cha.Dhatii hai na rukatii hai kisii kii Kaatir
jo kisii dar pe na Thahare vo havaa lagatii ho
sirf hamase nahii.n …

खातिर, Khaatir: Behalf, Choice, Favor, The Heart, Mind, Memory, Sake
दर, Dar: About, Abode, By, Door, Entrance, Fear, Gate, In, Into, Terror, To, Within

ज़ुल्फ़ लहराए तो आँचल में छुपा लेती हो
होंठ थर-थराये तो दांतों में दबा लेती हो
जो कभी खुल के न बरसे वो घटा लगती हो
सिर्फ हमसे नहीं…

zulf laharaa_e to aa.Nchal me.n chhupaa letii ho -2
ho.nTh tharraa_e.N to daa.Nto.n me.n dabaa letii ho
jo kabhii khul ke na barase vo ghaTaa lagatii ho
sirf hamase nahii.n …

थर थाराहठ, Thar Tharaahat: Quiver, Quake, Tremble

जागी जागी नज़र आती हो न सोई सोई
तुम जो हो अपने खयालात में खोई खोई
किसी मायूस मुसव्विर की दुआ लगती हो
सिफत हमसे नहीं…

jaagii-jaagii nazar aatii ho na so_ii-so_ii -2
tum jo ho apane Kyaalaat me.n kho_ii-kho_ii
kisii maayuus musavvir kii du_aa lagatii ho
sirf hamase nahii.n …

ख़याल, Khayaal: Care, Imagination, Judgement, Opinion, Respect, Remember, Thought, Whim
मायूस, Maayoos: Disappointed, Without Hope
मुसव्विर, Musavvir: Artist, Painter

4 comments so far

  1. bhupinder singh on

    Thanks, I came across this gazal at youtube and got the link to your site from there.

    “The First Song… has to be Mohammad Rafi’s”

    As an admirer of Rafi myself, I would like to say a BIG thank you !

  2. mohamed parvez on

    this is one of my favorite filmi gazal of my rafisaab thanks

  3. Ujwala on

    love the idea of learning through songs in fact for songs it was that i wanted to learn urdu. i bought a dictionary several years back and there it stayed, untouched. i hope to learn a bit more through your blog. thank you.

  4. almas kotwal on

    thanks so much i love m rafi saab.

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